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Sawbones: Antibiotics


This week on Sawbones, it's the story of a miraculous cure and how we all have to work together to protect it. Join Dr. Sydnee and Justin for the story of antibiotics.

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Music: "Medicines" by The Taxpayers

Story Break Episode 42: The SPLURGE

Story Break

In honor of The Purge, the team attempts to break the story of THE SPLURGE! For 12 hours only, all shopping is FREE!

The Jetsons Technology w/ Ashley Esqueda!

Ashley Esqueda

The hilarious Ashley Esqueda (Nerdist Alpha, Senior Editor CNET) joins us this week to talk about her passion of future technology and specifically how it pertains to The Jetsons! Ashley met our co-host Ben Ellis at CES so we talk about the disaster that is Foldimate both in The Jestsons and IRL. What's happening down on planet earth while rich white families like the Jetsons eat their fancy pills for dinner and call pushing one button a job? Is it Demolition man down there? Who knows! But we have a super fun awesome time with our new BFF who we almost didn't let leave The 6-10 House. Follow @AshleyEsqueda on Twitter and here is the recap video for The Jetson's we refer to
Email us tweet @andiebolt @travisandandie and follow Ben Ellis for cool car and street art stuff on instagram @ezalis

Wakanda Forever! (Black Panther Purple Carpet World Premiere, History of Black Comics, The World of Wakanda, Who's Who in Black Panther, James Meets Cast of Black Panther)

Minority Korner

Have we got an action packed episode for you! Fresh off of co-hosting Marvel Studios' Black Panther Red (or shall we say purple) Carpet world premiere, James has your inside scoop from the historic event, where he interviewed the cast! Legends like Angela Bassett, Forest Whittaker, Chadwick Boseman, Lupita N'Yongo, Michael B. Jordan and more! James is also going to reveal how the sausage is made when it comes to live TV. Riding the comic wave Nnekay gives you the history and relationship of Black folks and comics. While Black Panther may have been the first Black superhero to hit the mainstream, he wasn't the first. In preparation for Marvel Studios' Black Panther hitting screens February 16th, James is going to give you a spoiler free: what you need to know about the world of Wakanda, and the award winning actors, and designers bringing forth this amazing film of Afrofuturism; as this film explores a technologically advanced African nation that was untouched by colonialism. The revolution just might be televised! We've got the Black Panther insider tip! Wakanda FOREVER!

Watch the Black Panther Red Carpet Coverage with co-host James:

Diversity In the Comics in the 1940s:

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Friendly Fire Ep 4: First Blood

Friendly Fire

First Blood: is it about the challenges of small-town law enforcement, or is the tale of John Rambo an allegory for the war in Vietnam? On today’s episode Adam, Ben, and John explore the abandoned mine that is this 1982 thriller, and learn that maybe after a war, nobody truly goes home.

Tights and Fights Ep. 77: The TakeOver: Philadelphia and Royal Rumble special

Hal, Danielle, Lindsey, Mike
Hal Lublin
Danielle Radford
Mike Eagle
Lindsey Kelk

NXT TakeOver: Philadelphia

NXT’s hot streak of quality events continues!

Champion Andrade “Cien” Almas and Johnny Gargano tore the house down in the NXT Title match. They both seem destined for big stories in the coming months before the next TakeOver but, for now, we can just bask in the afterglow of how special this match was.

Plus Ember Moon retained her woman’s title against Shayna Baszler in a hard-hitting match. But will Moon lose that title to Baszler in the coming months to head to the main roster or should she stick around NXT a bit longer?

Not to be outdone, Undisputed Era’s Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly retained their tag titles over The Authors of Pain while their leader Adam Cole came up short against Aleister Black. Where does this trio go next to keep their footing in NXT?

All that… and we’ll even discuss the return of the XFL, the latest rifts in Bullet Club and why Kenny Omega’s reunion with Kota Ibushi brought tears to our eyes.

Royal Rumble

Oh, what a Royal Rumble it was!

It’s great to finally have a Big 4 weekend that everyone’s given rave reviews too. We had not one, but TWO great Royal Rumble matches, including the first-ever women’s event. Shinsuke Nakamura and Asuka have been near-unanimously praised as the right winners of the contests and there were tons of legends who returned to keep the crowd engaged.

But significantly, UFC star Ronda Rousey made her debut after Asuka’s big win. With reports coming out that she’s a full-time wrestler now, how optimistic are we that we’ll enjoy what she brings to the table?

And now that we’re pretty sure Nakamura will face AJ Styles for the WWE championship, where does that leave best friends Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens? And how does Roman Reigns get his long-expected match with Brock?

Welcome to the Road to WrestleMania!

Hosted by Hal Lublin, Danielle Radford, Mike Eagle and Lindsey Kelk

Produced by Julian Burrell for Maximum Fun.

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Switchblade Sisters Episode 13: Raw with Barbara Crampton

April Wolfe
Barbara Crampton

On this week's episode we have the legendary horror actress Barbara Crampton. You may know her from a number of classic horror/thrillers; Re-Animator, Body Double, From Beyond, and many others. She sits down with April to discuss last year's best french, veterinary school, cannibal film, Raw. Barbara regales April with stories from her prolific acting career, working with Brian De Palma, and eschewing the 'Scream Queen' title. She dives deep on what it takes to motivate her as an actor. Plus, they cover Barbara's thoughts on the use of sex and nudity in horror films.

Check out Barbara Crampton's work in From Beyond, Re-Animator, and most recently Beyond The Gates.

And if you haven't seen it yet, go watch Raw.

With April Wolfe and Barbara Crampton

You can let us know what you think of Switchblade Sisters at @SwitchbladePod on Twitter. Or email us at
Produced by Casey O'Brien and Laura Swisher for

One Bad Mother Episode 240: Party Favors: The Garbage You Take Home! Plus Ophira Eisenberg on Change

One Bad Mother
Ophira Eisenberg

Biz and Theresa wonder, “Where do party favors go to die?” The answer? Your house. Kids love them, we hate them, and we admit to fully participating in the madness by buying them and giving them out at our own kids' parties. Maybe giving kids $1 when they leave the party is the cheaper and more environmentally friendly way to go! Plus, Biz lets go of something big, Theresa gives herself the silent treatment, and we talk with comedian and host of NPR’s Ask Me Another, Ophira Eisenberg, about having a baby later in life and letting the truths we set for ourselves be changeable.

You can catch Ophira's hilarious NPR show Ask Me Another every Friday. Don't forget to follow her on Twitter@OphiraE and definitely go watch her standup special Inside Joke.

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International Waters Ep 115: You're in a Cult Now

Siobhan Thompson, Karen Kilgariff, Dave, Humphrey Ker, and Georgia Hardstark
Karen Kilgariff
Georgia Hardstark
Siobhan Thompson
Humphrey Ker
Dave Holmes

Karen Kilgariff, Georgia Hardstark, Siobhan Thompson and Humphrey Ker join host, Dave Holmes for embarrassing hobby stories, made up TV show theme song lyrics, and romantic debating

Karen Kilgariff wants to plug her Twitter @KarenKilgariff and recommends Godless on Netflix and CollegeHumor.

Georgia Hardstark wants to plug My Favorite Murder and recommends The Fall Line Podcast.

Siobhan Thompson wants to plug CollegeHumor and recommends My Favorite Murder.

Humphrey Ker wants to plug Ibiza on Netflix and recommends the music of Miner, The Muppet Christmas Carol and John Mulaney's bits on Law and Order.

And finally, Dave Holmes is on Twitter @DaveHolmes and hosts his live quiz show, The Friday Forty at LA’s Meltdown Theatre on the second Friday of every month. Dave would like to recommend Your New Norman Rockwell by Micah Schnabel.

You can let us know what you think of International Waters and suggest guests through our Facebook group or on Twitter.

Written by Riley Silverman and John-Luke Roberts, recorded at MaxFunHQ in LA and GuiltFreePost in London, produced by Christian Dueñas and Laura Swisher.

Ross and Carrie Are Suppressive: Mike Rinder Interview Edition


Ross and Carrie invite ex-Scientology executive Mike Rinder on the show to discuss the history and future of the church, his personal experiences with L. Ron Hubbard, his tireless work fighting abuse, and the most pressing question on everyone's minds: Are Ross and Carrie suppressive or WHAT?

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