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Judge John Hodgman Episode 207: The Defense Rests


Jon and Anna are roommates and enjoy hosting parties at their home. Anna often heads to bed early, leaving Jon to host the guests and then shoo them out. Is it OK to duck out of your own party early?

Only one man can decide.

This week's episode title suggested by David Rosenthal! Thank you, David!


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Women in the Apocalypse! w/ Brea Grant

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Brea Grant

Hello Buddies! How are you today? Having a good one? Gosh, we hope so! This week's episode is an extra special one and takes a hard look at what it might be like to be a woman in the apocalypse! How might it be different? What concerns might come up that a man might not need to deal with? We're joined by the amazing Brea Grant (Heroes, Dexter, The Real Housewives of Horror) and she is as insightful as she is delightful! So come, join us and share in our fire weary traveler! Then, email us all the stuff we failed to talk about so we can do a part 2!

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Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Paul Feig & Combat Jack

Paul Feig
Combat Jack

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Photo by Jesse Thorn

Paul Feig on Outer Space Comedy and His Ghostbusters Reboot

The writer, director and producer Paul Feig has developed a kind of reputation. His movies and TV shows often feature characters who are awkward and nerdy and trying to figure out their relationships to other people (see: Freaks and Geeks). They also often showcase hilarious women (see: Bridesmaids, The Heat). And now he's keeping the comedy, the feelings and relationships, and upping the stakes. His new series, Other Space, is about a crew on a spaceship stranded in a parallel universe.

We'll talk to Paul Feig about why he grew up wishing aliens would take him away, why he was so determined to bring female-lead comedy movies into the mainstream, and his plans for remaking the stuff of America's childhood -- from Ghostbusters, to Peanuts, to Play-Doh.

Paul Feig's series Other Space is available now on Yahoo! Screen.

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Combat Jack Forges His Own Path Through Hip Hop

For years, Reggie Osse (also known as Combat Jack) worked as a music industry lawyer, helping hip hop producers and artists broker deals.

He loved the music. But he reached a point where he didn't want to be the guy taking care of other people's careers. He had lots of creative ideas, but none of his clients wanted their lawyer's take on that stuff. So Osse decided to try doing something new for him: blogging about hip hop.

We'll talk about how he parlayed the blogging into an interview podcast called The Combat Jack Show, where he's interviewed artists and producers like J Cole, Common and Big Daddy Kane among many, many others.

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The Outshot: The Thrill Ride of Rick James

What made Rick James irresistible? Jesse explains.

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RISK! #630: Live From Chicago 3!

Peter Kim, Lily Be, Don Hall and Mikey Manker share true stories of times things got freaky at Lincoln Hall in Chicago.
Peter Kim
Lily Be
Don Hall
Mikey Manker
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Rendered #3 Etsy: DIY to IPO

An image from Etsy's prospectus, filed with the SEC
Miriam Gottfried, Wall Street Journal reporter
Grace Dobush, writer, crafter, former Etsy seller
Abby Glassenberg, blogger, crafter, Etsy seller
Susie Ghahremani, illustrator, Etsy seller

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On April 16, Etsy became a publicly traded company. This episode explores what that means for makers who use the site to sell their wares, and for Etsy's reputation.

Over the past decade, Etsy has honed its image as the place to go online to buy goods directly from the people who made them — from hand-knitted sweaters and custom furniture to more bizarre items like soap in the shape of a Thanksgiving turkey and jewelry made from dentures. But the company has also waded into some thorny issues, like how to define "handmade."

Etsy's policy changes and rapid growth have alienated some sellers, like Grace Dobush, who recently decided to shut down her store after many years on the site. But others like, Abby Glassenberg, say Etsy is a valuable tool for a crafty business-owner. Susie Ghahremani has been on Etsy from the very beginning and she says she'll stick with the site, but she's also re-launching her own online store because she's unsure about where Etsy is headed in the future and what that could mean for her business.

You'll hear from all three of these sellers on this episode, along with Wall Street Journal reporter Miriam Gottfried as well as writer/performer Jason Rouse, who served as the voice of Etsy. The words you hear from Etsy in this episode came from the Etsy prospectus, filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission in March. (Etsy couldn't speak to me for this episode because they are in the mandated quiet period.)

You can also listen back to my 2011 interview with April Winchell about the now defunct Regretsy. And if you're wondering what April thinks about this whole IPO thing, she wrote about it for Motherboard.

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Stop Podcasting Yourself 370 - Cass Keeley

Cass Keeley

Comedian Cass Keeley joins us to talk high school graduation, tech support, and thumb cinema.

Download episode 370 here. (right-click)

Email us at "spy [at] maximumfun [dot] org" or phone us at (206) 339-8328.

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Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 373: Flaser Marriage with Sam Riegel

Sam Riegel

Voice actor Sam Riegel joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion full of funny voices about Jordan's new husk-like state (Omega Jordan), efforts and reacts in videogame voice acting and the current state of radio commercials.

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MBMBaM 248: Face 2 Face: Bumblefoot


Here's our live episode from Milwaukee, recorded earlier this month. You've probably heard of this episode, because it's the one where everyone in the audience got married to each other. Enjoy listening to us lose our minds!

Suggested talking points: The Dells, Baby Axl Rose, Chex Candle, Dog Walker Remnants, Husband or Son, The History of Ron Perlman, FWBs, Reunion Virality, PROPOSALFEST

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The Flop House: Episode #176 - The Boy Next Door

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The Flop House

It’s the moment that the bad movie cognoscenti have been waiting for, as we discuss The Boy Next Door. Meanwhile, Stuart explains the “character” he plays, Dan becomes a proponent of the female gaze, and Elliott describes some of the lesser-known sexually explicit Disney cartoons of the 60’s.

Movies recommended in this episode:

It Follows

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John Hodgman's Big Time Comedy Thing

06/27/2015 (All day)
North Adams, MA
Venue Name: 

John Hodgman hosts "John Hodgman's Big Time Comedy Thing" at Solid Sound, Wilco's Music and Arts Festival on Saturday, June 27th!

John Hodgman
Tig Notaro
Paul F. Tompkins
Jessica Williams
and Superego

North Adams, MA

Single day and three-day festival tickets available. For more info and to buy tickets, visit the Solid Sound Festival website.

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