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Flight of the Conchords Contest, etc...

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The Flight of the Conchords contest continues apace... simply upload to Flickr a picture of yourself rocking out -- it needn't be a photo, and you needn't interpret it literally. At the end of the day tommorow, I'll pick two winners who'll get sweet prize packs from HBO including a t-shirt, a poster, a "robot stress reliever" and a DVD. Be sure to tag your photos "maxfunflight" so I can find them.

Also! The first episode of F of the C is now up on the HBO website. So far I've spotted past TSOYA guests Eugene Mirman and Arj Barker in prominent roles, and I'm barely halfway through!


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Best pledge ever?


Almost certainly so. Thanks to Drew and to all of the folks who donated in the pledge drive. A couple of folks emailed me to ask if they can still donate: yes, of course. You can always donate. And I'll enter anyone in the drawing who donates before I actually do the drawing (though that shouldn't be too long from now).

Sketchfest Seattle Tuesday Night


One of my personal favorite sketch groups in the country, The Cody Rivers Show, is performing a fundraiser for Sketchfest Seattle tommorow night (Tuesday). Sketchfest Seattle is the oldest sketch comedy festival in the country, and they're really great folks who run a great festival, which we were proud to sponsor last year.

The Cody Rivers Show are a two-man group who perform a wild combination of sketch, dance, mime, theater, and other crap that is way better than that description sounds. Maybe the most fun thing you can see on the sketch comedy circuit.

Tuesday, May 22
Doors open at 7pm. Show starts at 7:30 p.m.
Theatre Off Jackson at 409 7th Ave. S
Levels of Admission - Giggler at $20, Chuckler at $30 (comes with 10 raffle
tickets), or LOL at $100 (comes with 10 raffle tickets, reserved seats,
recognition in festival program)
Advanced tickets at
More info at

A portion of fundraiser proceeds will go to our partner organization,
Gilda's Club Seattle. Named after beloved sketch comedienne Gilda Radner,
Gilda's Club provides support to those affected by cancer as a supplement to
medical care.

Blast Processing!


5 hours of urban radio...


...on the way to LA from SF, and two songs I actually liked.

Mike Jones f. Bun B & Snoop - "My 6-4"

Bone Thugs N Harmony f. Akon

(I know, I know, no Bizzy Bone, but this song still jams.)

The station I was listening to was doing a live remote via telephone from a beauty parlor, where they were promoting signups for a local semi-pro football team. For a station that was #1 for hip-hop, they sure didn't play a lot of rap music. They mostly just played I'm A Flirt by R. Kelly and T-Pain. Which is an astonishingly goofy song. I kind of like it.

Me & My Little Buddy Merlin

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Just got home from SF, where, among other things, I shot some internet TV with my pal Merlin Mann (look for the actual video in the coming weeks). Merlin's profession is nerd guru, and if you look closely, you can see the athletic tape that holds on the arm of those hip eye glasses.

Plagues and Pleasures On the Salton Sea


Tree-huggin' Joe Garden here. A friend at work forwarded me a link to a YouTube clip for a film called Plagues and Pleasures On the Salton Sea. It's a documentary about, well, The Salton Sea, a large accidental body of water in southern California that was once a resort destination. And it's a mess. saltier than the ocean, polluted like nobody's business. Massive fish and wildlife die-offs are commonplace, but the residents stay put. The film is also about those residents.

Oh, and it's narrated by John Waters.

Since I haven't seen the whole film–it doesn't play New York until June, and then for only one night–this shouldn't count so much as an endorsement as it should a talking point. First, I'm curious to hear opinions from anyone that's seen it. It looks entertaining and fascinating, and maybe it will shine the light on the numerous ecological disasters in the U.S. Second, check out the Wikipedia entry and click through on some of the links for a crash course in environmental catastrophes. I can't wait to see the movie.

Baby Bear!


Baby bears, and not just pandas, are my weakness. If not for the insufferable piano music, I could watch this clip all day. It was on the front page of Yahoo today. You know, the spot usually reserved for the latest American Idol results. They know which side their bread is buttered on.

A Salute To L'Trimm, Rap's Forgotten, um...


Half Madonna. Half Salt 'n' Pepper. All bratty.

L'Trimm is so hacky, so tinny, so poorly produced, but I'm perpetually charmed by it. I only had this album on tape and used to drive people crazy playing it my own car, which, markedly, did not go boom, but rather wheezed and sputtered until the tape deck finally died. I miss that tape deck. I miss L'Trimm.

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