Bunker Buddies with Andie and Travis

Join Andie and Travis every Wednesday as they take on every single Apocalypse scenario they (and you the listener!) can think of! They're not preppers, they're comedians so it'll probably get pretty silly. So, hunker in their bunker and let's survive this thing together!

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Apocalypse Skills


Hello Buddies and welcome back to our bunker! We know it’s only been a week, but gosh darn it we missed you! Have you been drinking enough water? How have you been sleeping? Have you been practicing your lock picking/black smithing/water collecting/welding? What’s that? You don’t do those things?! Well, it sure is lucky you have Bunker Buddies! On this episode we run you through some of the key skills you need to survive the apocalypse and we rate ourselves on said skills! How do you stack up?

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Intro and outro music thanks to Brentalfloss

Art thanks to Justin Russo

Zombies Pt. 1


Hello Buddies! Welcome to our first ever live show! To commemorate the occasion we talk about THE apocalypse scenario: ZOMBIES! What is your weapon of choice? Guns of melee weapons? What would Travis and Andie wear to the apocalypse? What is a Swiss Army Shark? We also discuss our Zombie Survival Teams! As a bonus, Travis discusses a zombie questions that has always plagued him (see what we did there?!) Special thanks to UCB for hosting the show!

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Intro and outro by Brentalfloss

Art by Justin Russo

Last Man/Woman on Earth


Hello Buddies and Happy New Year! Andie and Travis take a break from the festivities this week to discuss what they think would happen if they were the last man or the last woman on earth. The conversation quickly turns to what the world would look like if it were all men/all women! Would gender expectations shift? Would the concepts of “masculinity” and “femininity” go right out the window? Would Andie get to smooch Channing Tatum while Travis gets to be the “token guy” at all the parades?! Find out this week on Bunker Buddies as we have one of our most esoteric conversation yet!

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Intro and outro by Brentalfloss

Art by Justin Russo

Apocalypse Dating/Holidays


Happy holidays buddies! On this very special (and somewhat irregular!) episode, we cover a wide range of topics! Are you worried about how poor hygiene will effect your dating life during the Apocalypse? Are you struggling to find that perfect holiday gift for the prepper who has everything? What will you give your loved ones after it all goes to hell? The answer to all three is basically 'guns and toothbrushes". Also, enjoy the random discussion on gun control! Wondering what you can get us for the holidays? EASY! Just share us with a friend!

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Eternal Night


Welcome buddies! This week we talk about eternal night, or (as Andie googled) What would happen if there's no Sun? When 9 year old Travis was told that eventually the sun would die, that really stuck with him! In this episode, we dive into the first of his many child hood fears! Why are we so afraid of the dark? How long would it take humans to develop night vision? What do you call the creatures that live in caves? We have no idea! So, join us as we make theories and jokes in equal measure! We even read some of your emails! Thanks for listening!

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Our intro/outro music composed by Brentalfloss!

Our art is done by Justin Russo!

Bunker Buddies and Jordan, Jesse Go! Live at the UCB

01/06/2015 - 23:00 - 23:59
Los Angeles
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Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre Franklin (5919 Franklin Ave. 90028)

Bunker Buddies with Andie and Travis are performing with Jordan, Jesse Go!, live at the UCB Franklin in Los Angeles at 11pm on Tuesday, January 6th.

Tickets available here at the end of December for $5.

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Food Shortage/MREs

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Buddies! Welcome back for episode two! Is the Earth running out of food? Will there be mass panic as super maket shelves are emptied? Will Travis and Andie enjoy a glass of fruit-infused hard liquor after the world ends? Join us as we discuss all these topics and the top foods to store in your emegency stock pile! Not only that, we taste test a couple MREs and emergency rations! Thank you so much for listening! Don't forget to subscribe/rate/review and then tell all your friends! Stay safe out there!



Hello Buddies! Welcome to our show! This week we take on the looming danger of Electro-Magnetic Pulses! How do you prepare? How do you survive? How do you deal with robots as a female president? Where can you stock up on affordable and delicious cheesecakes for post-apocalyptic pig outs? All these answers and more on this episode! Welcome and we love you!

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And to Justin Russo for the incredible art!