The Sound of Young America: Best Comedy of 2010

Kasper Hauser, one of our "Best Comedy" picks of this year. Photo from MaxFunCon 2010, taken by Noe Montes.
Kyle Kinane
Nick Thune
Aziz Ansari
Karen Kilgariff
The State

To close out the calendar year, we've chosen some of our favorite comedy of 2010 from material released by a bunch of stand up comedians and sketch groups. Several of the performers featured were interviewed on our show this year, and even more have contributed or been interviewed in the past -- so the fun doesn't have to stop here, if you dig into the back catalogue!

And if you're interested in hearing more from any of the above, I suggest starting with these...
Interviews on The Sound from Kyle Kinane, Paul F. Tompkins, The State, Nick Thune, Paul Scheer, Simon Rich, and Aziz Ansari

Stand Up and Sketch Comedy on The Sound from Karen Kilgariff, The Kasper Hauser Podcast, Hannibal Buress, and Elephant Larry

Happy New Year, everyone!

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