Stop Podcasting Yourself 157 - Amanda Brooke Perrin

Amanda Brooke Perrin

Comedian Amanda Brooke Perrin joins us to talk about ABC's TGIF, Jurassic Park, and waaaay too much Canadian stuff.

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Sister Sister

Temple Grandin

Jurassic Cube

Dave Coulier

Rock speakers


Mort Bindleman

Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Betty Boop

Moxy Fruvous

Rockapella for Folgers


Jeanne Beker

Is this that movie?

Van Wilder

Las Vegas

Scott Caan's photography book

Anything But Love

The Days and Nights of Molly Dodd




Lady Amanda Brooke Perrin, Lord Dave Shumka, Baron Graham Clark

This only came up for half a second but you CAN become a real lady, lord, baron or baroness, for a price! =)
I love this idea as a gift. Haven't given it to anyone yet though. Check it ouuut:
Sealand is a principality. It's just a guy on a tiny island, charging randos for titles using this terrible website. But still, it would be nice, right? You could rightfully DEMAND to be Announced as you enter any room, be invited to every party!
Ha I'm not selling this I swear. Just want to share the fun new way to waste money.

White Smarties

I learned in baking school that's called "bloom". It's still good, but it's something that happens to less quality chocolate.

Family Matters

The wondering of Urkel's cheese needs was one of the funniest things you guys tag-teamed!! So hilarious!

Jurassic Park Wedding

I was looking for a jewelry box and when I saw this I immediately thought of Stop Podcasting Yourself!

Too bad I can't post a picture but these would be perfect for Dave's wedding! I'm still waiting for my invite.


Oh Snap!

My brother is going to be pissed!


Hey, I'm from Brockville, Ontario too. That's pretty cool. :3

(Brockville is quite small.)

The singing show

It was called Viva Laughlin.