Stop Podcasting Yourself 195 - Michelle Shaughnessy

Michelle Shaughnessy

Comedian Michelle Shaughnessy joins us to talk about Ghost, drag racing, and fake eyelashes.

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Made the leap

I have to admit that it was with some reluctance that I leapfrogged from episode 6 to 195 in my listening.

Why? Because in episode 5 or so, one of you guys (I can't always tell your voices apart yet, so it could have been Dave) "accidentally" touched another guy's foot in a totally gay way (your words, not mine).

Then, in episode 6, Graham and Dave are reported to be "playing footsie". Now clearly, this is a trend that is GOING SOMEWHERE, and the fact that it was reported by Dave's girlfriend means he's got some leeway in his relationship with her. Or at least that's what it means to geeks like me, who while listening to your show probably have pron open in another window, either on the computer or in my head.

So the course of events seems to be getting better for people like me, who are still enjoying the overblown delusion that Dave is not just kinda cute but also careening face-first into guy/guy frolicking. Or at least feet-first, which isn't much but it's way-more than I've gotten in the past 6 months.

Sadly, between 6 and 195, the man-action seems to have shriveled and withdrawn upwards into a protective place. And while some might think it's all over, your show's gay male fan are noticing that one of you said in 195 that Ashton Kutcher is a good-looking man and can only see that as a fertile bed from which many gay flowers can grow.


The painting?

Are you going to post the photo realistic painting so everyone can see it? Or is it just for you?

There is a lady that married

There is a lady that married the Eiffel Tower. A sound engineer carried his sound board around.
Jimmy Smitts adopted Princess Liea. Benjamin Bratt was in Judge Dredd too.

Forgot to sign my post: I'm

Forgot to sign my post: I'm FriendofSheila.

Between episode 1 and episode

Between episode 1 and episode 5, I somehow got the impression that Dave Shumka was gay. Which was cool because I saw a picture of him and he was kinda cute, so that meant some kind of awesome, man-on-man content might be coming.

Now in episode 6, I learn that Dave Shumka man-crush-able, but has a girlfriend. And like all us lazy, weasel-faced schlubs out here in pod-land, I now feel you owe me. You've failed me in some tiny way, and I'm just way-too-happy to complain about it.

But, just in case there's no real gay action in your show plans, I ask: what would you say is, otherwise, the gayest episode of "Stop Podcasting Yoursef"?

P.S. Notice that I did not ask "What is the LESBIAN-EST episode", okay?

P.P.S. "Man-on-Man Action" would make a really cool name for one of your show segments, don't you think?

P.P.S. I actually do like your show and am a regular listener, even if I'm only up to episode 6.