Stop Podcasting Yourself 303 - Nima Gholamipour

Nima Gholamipour

Comedian Nima Gholamipour joins us to talk phony encores, dogs in shorts, and bus stop shenanigans.

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Started from the Bottom


Boston Pizza heart-shaped pizza

Craig Muni

That Coldplay song

Dog shorts

Chance the Rapper

Psycho Circus

Dave's favourite NewsRadio scene (at 10:42)

Old timey Nicolas Cage

Frank Abagnale

This show


suggestion :)

If you guys want a new ridiculous tv show to watch or talk about I would suggest looking up killer karaoke.


This is my new favorite show/series of youtube clips. Thank you.


At 21:24 Graham and Nima make a good harmony in response to Dave saying he had almost been hit by a car.