Stop Podcasting Yourself 311 - Kyle Kinane

Kyle Kinane

Kyle Kinane returns to talk driver's ed, balloon animals, and plumbing mishaps.

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Underactors Anonymous



99 Luftballoons

Dini Petty

Fishtank foot

Guy Fawkes


Linkavitch Chomofsky



My new mantra

In the weeks since I've listened to this episode, I've found myself using the phrase "Man, it's hard being a human being" all the time. It really sums up all kinds of relationship problems nicely.

Laundromat and drinking

I live in College Station, TX and there is a laundromat and bar/restaurant place called Harvey Washbangers. I've lived near several universities throughout the US and can't imagine why there aren't more of these type of businesses, because laundry is the worst!

Re)Laundromat bar combo

Wonder how many more socks I would loose as a result of enjoying chore pints?
Wonder how long it will take until the staffs eyes detach and hang loose due to constant over rolling ...a constant auto response after hearing the wit of every other "guests " tell their variation of the -intoxication / missing sock gag- ..........sunday afternoons
,,,,filling the place with craigslist male bachelors ,weirdo messy hair chicks , picking twigs and mulch out of their greasy mops while laundering a kaleidoscope like pile of colourfully ugly home made summer dresses and knitted socks,,,,.....
unkempt regulars paying for cheap pints of horse piss with mitts full of nickels and dimes dug from filthy pockets of his laundry day standard "lucky " jogging and or sweat pant pant....or her 20 year old , pet hair encrusted "favourite" pyjama bottoms . ..

No clothes for work hangover Monday ...
Cheap .garbage bags jammed with damp unfolded rags forgotten the back seat of the cab.
Jeffery j