Stop Podcasting Yourself 313 - Brent Butt

Brent Butt

Brent Butt joins us to talk about the worst movies, farmer dating, and pigeons. Make sure to donate at

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Brent's Learjet


Hillbilly Jim


BJ and the Bear

Farmers Only

Cougars Only

Mentos Only

Spanish Flea

Charlie Bronson

BJ Novak

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Brent Butt returns!

Brent is a great guest as usual. Great goofy chat and can't wait to see "No Clue" tomorrow.


Hey, one of my favorite podcasts discussed one of my favorite bad movies! Starcrash is definitely a wonder to behold. It features Caroline Munro in ridiculous outfits, David Hasselhoff with ridiculous hair and eyeliner, and Christopher Plummer ... um ... needing a check to pay the rent? Anyway, this movie is a hoot, and EVERYONE should see it!