Stop Podcasting Yourself 318 - Chris von Szombathy

Chris von Szombathy

Chris von Szombathy returns to talk baseball pranks, shirt care, and Winnipeg.

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Google Glass


Criss Angel


Those cigarette glasses

I Lost on Jeopardy

Hot foot


King Kong Bundy

Big Nips

Pirate Joe's

Gato Negro

Grain elevator





end song

What's the name/artist of the song at the end of this episode? Would love to hear more from the same source.

Zoo Age

The end song is Blind(1), by Zoo Age(2) (Chris von Szombathy is half of Zoo Age). Definitely a cool track.


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Song at the end

Maybe I missed something giving mention as to the reason or identification of the song curiously inserted at the end of the show, but it was enough to make me: Search for that music-finding app, download Shazam, and replay the song on my laptop for it to magically tell me the song is called Blind by Zoo Age. It was not, as I almost thought, a new Portishead song featuring 90's Trent Reznor.