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This episode includes engaging interviews with author Chris Guillebeau and a doctor who runs her own micro medical practice, where she does it all from taking blood pressure to billing insurance. Also in the hour, you'll hear about a rock star returning to his DIY roots and a road trip that involves pretty much every form of transportation besides a car. This episode also includes a piece on the most controversial subject we've ever covered on the show: self-induced abortion.

The New Republic says self-induced abortion is on the rise. Listen on SoundCloud.

Dr. Chrissie Ott and her micro medical practice. Learn more about this unique approach to medicine.

Jeff Cohen's two little girls talking about a DIY haircut

Photos of Gloria's Secret Cafe by Alex Johnson:

Extended version of Julie's interview with Chris Guillebeau at Makin' It on SoundCloud.

DIY Music For Kids on SoundCloud.

More from Casper Babypants

Summer Camp For Grownups on SoundCloud.

Boaz Frankel and his "Un-Road Trip" on SoundCloud.

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TS26: The Feeding Tube Diet, Romney's Gay Spokesperson, Planned Parenthood Pranks, White House Gay Soiree

Throwing Shade

Erin escapes Coachella to spend the evening talkin' 'bout 'sues with Bryan. Fun stuff like the hot new K-E "feeding tube" diet, Mitt Romney's new spokesperson, Richard Grenell, Live Action pranking Planned Parenthood, and the White House's gay social secretary, Jeremy Bernard. Flibberty gobble! 
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