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Book Trailer for MetaMaus by Art Spiegelman


Twenty-five years ago, Art Spiegelman created his Pulitzer Prize-winning book Maus. In this documentary-style book trailer, Spiegelman talks about the creation of this classic and we get to preview the soon-to-be-released MetaMaus which explores the materials that he used to write Maus and answers some of the most commonly asked questions about the author's creative process. Metamaus will be sold with a companion DVD that contains a digitized reference copy of The Complete Maus featuring audio interviews with Spiegelman's father, historical documents, and generous excerpts from the author's notebooks and sketches.

MetaMaus will be available on October 4th. Until then, you can find more material from the book on Spiegelman's Facebook page.

Tidbits from Past Guests: November 4, 2010

  • MaxFun friends Rob Huebel and Paul Rust fight dirty with puns and pipes in Action Movie Pun Brainstorm. (If you haven't listened to Rob's presentation of Simon Rich's "Brainteasers" yet, you really should.)

  • The Decemberists, fronted by singer Colin Meloy, have announced a release date of January 18, 2011 for their upcoming album "The King is Dead". You can download the new song Down By the Water for free from their website.

  • Comics artist and Pulitzer Prize-winner Art Spiegelman edited and wrote the introduction for a new set of the wordless woodcut novels of Lynd Ward. Each page of Lynd Ward: Six Novels in Woodcuts is wordless, set with an single engraved image. The whole thing looks beautifully packaged, to boot.

  • Fans of upcoming guest Judd Apatow and crew should be happy: the debut of IFC's run of Apatow's great college comedy series Undeclared is Friday at 11pm. We've had several alums of the show on the program, including screenwriter Rodney Rothman and musician and actor Loudon Wainwright III.

Podcast: The College Years: It's All Politics!

Kristin Gore
Art Spiegelman
Patton Oswalt

The College Years is a look deep into the vaults of The Sound of Young America. Take a journey with us every week as we post a new program or two from our salad days.

Today's theme: It's All Politics!

First up, Jesse Thorn and guest-host Maria Schell welcome writer Kristin Gore. Kristin talks about her book, Sammy's Hill, her beginnings in comedy with Harvard's National Lampoon, and her time as a writer at Futurama.

Following that, Jesse interviews the great Art Spiegelman. Listen as Mr. Spiegelman reveals some of his motivations for his book about 9/11, In the Shadow of No Towers. It is fantastic. Do yourself a favor and find more of his work.

Lastly, Jesse talks to friend of the show, Patton Oswalt. In the world's shortest interview, Patton drops some funny, Jesse tries to demonize the Chipmunks, and Maria describes what she's wearing. Owe yourself another favor and go to one of his upcoming shows.

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