Judge John Hodgman Episode 36: Beard Science


We are joined again by guest bailiff Jake Tapper, Senior White House Correspondent for ABC News (who last was on duty for the case of De Plane). We are delighted he could join us and lend us an air of legitimacy.

Today, a case of Beard Science. A few years ago, college pals Bilder, McElroy and Pattley agreed to a game of beard chicken. The game is traditionally is played when two or more men face-off against each other by not shaving; the man who goes the longest without a shave wins the game. Bilder claims that he participated only because they settled on a modified version of the game, which would allow him to shave partway through.

In the course of the game, Bilder accumulated the most days unshaven, but McElroy claims he is the winner, with the most consecutive bearded days.

Was their original agreement valid? Did the modified terms fundamentally alter the essence of the game? And who is the real winner of beard chicken?


John Hodgman's new book of fake trivia and world knowledge, THAT IS ALL, can now be pre-ordered for its release on 11/1/11. To find out when he may be visiting a city near you, see Areas of My Expertise.

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"Graham Clark: Beard Paintings" at Vancouver's Olio Festival


On Thursday, September 22nd, the Little Mountain Gallery in Vancouver will host the opening reception for an exhibit of beard paintings created by our own Graham Clark of Stop Podcasting Yourself. What is a beard painting? Well, as the name suggests, it's a work created by the application of paint to canvass using facial hair. Although Graham has been creating paintings this way for some time, it's his first show exhibiting this methodology and the money from any painting sold will go to a charity of the purchaser's choice.

After the opening, the exhibit will run until September 27th. You can find all of the details, including the time and location, here.

Brian Wilson: Certified Ninja (It Happened In A Dream)

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If you don't enjoy this interview with San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson, you're not a fun person.

Go Giants!

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