Costa Rica

Ross and Carrie Find Their Rythmia (Part 7): Ladies' Night Edition


Ross returns to the ceremony room for his third night with Mother Ayahuasca. A group of all female shamans and assistants sends him off on a quest to hang out with insects, meet a cartoon rodent, see inside his own brain, and dance with a poisonous animal, before things turn dark. Plus, he learns a lot of deep lessons. Which body of water unites us all? Is Ross actually clever? And should he buy a filing cabinet?

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Ross and Carrie Find Their Rythmia (Part 6): Amorous Yogurt Edition


It's Wednesday morning at Rythmia, and Ross and Carrie are well on their way to spiritual wholeness. They head off to find out what question they are the answer to, and to improve their relationships through love gardening. Then the two of them head off to find the ocean and MEET DOGS! Plus, water hears your thoughts, yogurt experiences love, and an influx of Australians is nothing short of a miracle

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Ross and Carrie Find Their Rythmia (Part 5): Dancing With Orion Edition


Ross returns for his second night of ayahuasca and takes three helpings of the potent hallucinogen. After suffering the depths of disgust, solitude and confusion, he dances with the stars, meets an alien/human hybrid, and passes out in front of the bathroom. All this and more in part 5 of our Rythmia investigation!

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Ross and Carrie Find Their Rythmia (Part 1): Plant Medicine Edition


Ross and Carrie accept an invitation to Rythmia Life Advancement Center in Costa Rica, where they will spend a week healing their hearts, reuniting with their souls, and learning what the moon yearns to teach humanity, all through the power of Ayahuasca, a brew made from a hallucinogenic plant. Join us as we travel to Guanacaste, get settled in, and prepare for what we're told is a miraculous experience that will change us forever.

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