Ross and Carrie and Claire Get Straightened Out (Part 2): "What Was God Thinking?"


We return to Carrie and Claire, telling Ross the story of their trip to Living Stones Ministries, a Christian group that believes God can "heal" homosexuality. In this episode, Claire attends a talk about transgender issues, and Carrie and Claire attend a closing talk and Q&A, wherein they learn to surrender their wombs to God. Um, happy birthday, Claire!

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Ross and Carrie and Claire Get Straightened Out (Part 1): Ex-Gay Therapy Edition


When Ross is out of town during an ex-gay ministry event, Carrie convinces her best friend Claire to spend her own birthday being tortured by confusing and distressing talks about "the freedom to grow into heterosexuality." Then, they share the misery with Ross, reviewing the harmful pseudoscience behind this movement, and the terrible advice no parents should take when their child is LGBT. Be forewarned: this one is tough.

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Ross and Carrie Audit Scientology (Part 7): The Way to Happiness


We've finally got what you've been looking for: the meaning of life. Yes, you've been thinking to yourself, "How can I be ultimately happy?" Well, the answer is in a 70-page booklet called "The Way to Happiness," that is IN NO WAY affiliated with the Church of Scientology, other than being written by its founder, L. Ron Hubbard. And the organization which distributes said booklet is IN NO WAY Scientologist, other than being run by members of the Church. Hear about Ross and Carrie's visit to the headquarters of The Way to Happiness, and learn why racism isn't a problem, and oxygenated water cures cancer. We hope you're never sad again!

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