Tweet about MaxFunDrive to Win a Wand Essentials Massager from Extreme Restraints! PLUG IT IN!!


***The above video is NSFW!***

Dear MaxFun members and supporters: maybe you already have a personal massager that you enjoy - but does it have a TURBO drive?

If not, LISTEN UP!!

Our good pals at Extreme Restraints [link is NSFW! ;-)] have made an amazing donation to us in support of the ongoing MaxFunDrive. They have given us 24 brand new 8-speed turbo pearl wand massagers (once again, link NSFW) to give away to our members for FREE!

Here is how we will give away these delightful toys:

Tweet something clever or funny between now and 9pm PDT on April 12th which contains both "#PlugItIn" and a link to our donation page. We will pick our favorites and the winners will be announced during the live, simulcast JJGO! show here at MaxFunHQ on April 12th at 7:30 pm Pacific. Tune in right here on MaximumFun.org to enjoy the show and see if you are a winner!

We will give out the last ten wands during the show - based on random criteria to be determined by our hosts at that time.

Are you ready? Get Tweeting!

This is your immortal power: PLUG IT IN!!

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 270: Truth Bombed with Dave Horwitz

Dave Horwitz

Comedian and writer Dave Horwitz joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Jesse's flu, Jordan's tour bus encounter and Dave's trip to a renaissance fair.

And it's MaxFunDrive! Donate! http://www.maximumfun.org/donate

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 268: Midler and Johnson's with Biz Ellis

Biz Ellis

One Bad Mother co-host Biz Ellis joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of seedy adult books stores that sell potions, raising a child speaking Swedish, Biz's one-eyed rescue cat Onion, and Richmond Virginia's plethora of civil war memorials.

Action Item: What's a good general beginners thing Jordan can request that won't scare somebody off, but will get the most out of his Extreme Restraints offer?

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 267: String Pudding with Helen Zaltzman

| 1 comment
Helen Zaltzman

Broadcaster Helen Zaltzman of the podcast "Answer Me This!" joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of cat songs, TV shows, Helen and Jesse's experience at South By Southwest and pudding.

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 266: Weird Hair Bunch with DC Pierson and Cameron Esposito

Cameron Esposito
DC Pierson

Comedian and author DC Pierson and comedian Cameron Esposito join Jordan for a discussion of burlesque shows, Taken, the Wahlberg brothers, and insurance mascots.

Buy Crap Kingdom: http://crapkingdom.com

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 265: Stoodle with Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark

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Alie Ward
Georgia Hardstark

Television hosts Alie Ward and Georgia Hardstark join Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of sexual handicaps, gross cocktails, abandoned theme parks, and continue the deliberation about animals that should be on a farm.

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 264: Murderous Pigs with Dan Telfer

Dan Telfer

Comedian Dan Telfer joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of farm animals, German perverts, Jordan's trip to see Endeavor, the unveiling of Boatparty.biz and Jesse's new headwear.

Action item: what kind of animals would you like to see on a farm? Call us! 206-984-4FUN. Email us at jjgo@maximumfun.org.

And http://www.boatparty.biz is live!

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 263: Party Flu with Jon Glaser

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Jon Glaser

Actor and comedian Jon Glaser joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Jordan's recent tailor experience, Jon's TV show Delocated, and Jon's formative years. Plus, the youngest JJGo fan Henry stops by.

(The series finale of Delocated airs March 7 on Adult Swim. SET YOUR DVRS.)

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 262: Foxy Grandpa with Kimmy Gatewood

Kimmy Gatewood

Kimmy Gatewood of the Apple Sisters joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Foxy Grandpa films, the Apple Sisters' Las Vegas show and DF Con 2013.

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 261: Gendering with John Ross Bowie

John Ross Bowie

Actor and comedian John Ross Bowie joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of loud kids toys, hippie college experiences, folksy things, and Jesse's new code of ethics.

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