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Superego Bonus Action!


Our pals at the wonderful comedy podcast Superego have put out a special bonus episode that features a sketch Jordan and I helped with called Amigos Auto Insurance. It was inspired by my horror at the commercials on Los Angeles hip-hop oldies station KDAY. The bonus episode is two bucks, but it's worth every penny. It's full of Superego's bizarre names and nonsense phrases and other wonderful stuff.

You can also check out the free episode on which we were featured, and here's a "Best Of" episode with some of my favorite sketches from their second season.

Tim League on The Grid


I had the chance to talk with Tim League, the founder of the Alamo Draft House, the legendary theater in Texas - and its film distribution wing, which distributed Four Lions. Here's the clip, from The Grid - you can check out more videos on the show's site, including pieces by Jordan Morris. You can also watch it Thursdays at 7:45 on IFC.

Hot Mess: Taco Stop

Hot Mess

A sketch from Jordan Morris' sketch group Hot Mess, appearing at the SF Sketchfest January 14th and 15th and the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in Los Angeles monthly.

Comedy: Jordan Ranks America, December 2010 on The Sound of Young America

Jordan Morris

Comedian and Jordan, Jesse, Go! host Jordan Morris gives his top five for December.

JESSE THORN: Once a month my colleague Jordan Morris steps into the recording booth to tell us what's up, what's down, what's hot, what's not, what's worthwhile and what's worth tossing in God's United States. Here he is with Jordan Ranks America.

For a Full Transcript, Click Here.

Gamer Grub with Jordan on The Grid


In case you've been living UNDER A ROCK, I've been hosting an IFC show called The Grid, and Jordan has been a regular contributor. Above, one of his great segments, on a very sad product called Gamer Grub.

Watch! Thursdays, 7:45 PM Eastern / 4:45 Pacific.

Eliminating Cat Odor


Via Jordan and his UCB sketch group, Hot Mess

Jesse and Jordan on The Grid: The Wild & Wonderful Whites and The Boobs & Blood Film Festival


As some might know, I've been hosting the show "The Grid," which airs Thursdays at 7:45 Eastern / 4:45 Pacific on IFC. Above, you can check out an interview I did there with Julian Nitzberg, the director of "The Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia," a terrifying documentary about a completely out-of-control family of party animal grifters. That's also kind of amusing. And amazing. And definitely tough to describe.

Below: Jordan's first piece for the show. He covered the "Boobs & Blood Film Festival," which celebrates exploitation movies of all kinds.

Comedy: Jordan Ranks America for October, 2010 on The Sound of Young America

Jordan Morris

Comedian and Jordan, Jesse, Go! co-host Jordan Morris tells us what's hot and what's not this month - October, 2010. It's...


5. Netflix on Demand

The future of entertainment is here! This innovative service puts thousands of classic movies at your fingertips, from that one where Debbie Gibson fights a CGI shark to that one from the 80s that had a ton of nudity.

4. Combination Shampoo & Body Wash

Ask any guy's guy and he'll tell you: having more than one bottle in the shower is a real "pain in the rear." Squirt this strong-smelling glop all over everything and simplify your life!

3. Corn Chowder

Since its invention, during the Civil War, this hearty soup has always taken a back seat to clam chowder. Now, thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign, it's become a "hot topic" amongst American teens.

2. "Hold on to your butts!"

First uttered by Samuel L. Jackson in Jurassic Park, this classic catchphrase is perfect for letting everyone know it's time to get ready... for something to happen!

1. The Cat

She's cute, she's fluffy, and sometimes... she'll jump into a shopping bag! Kudos to you, The Cat. You turn every day into an adorable vacation!

Jordan in Vegas

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Jordan partied a little too hard in Las Vegas before he interviewed Russell Brand and Jonah Hill about Get Him To The Greek.

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