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One Bad Mother Episode 249: Tattling! With Smitten Kitchen’s Deb Perelman

One Bad Mother
Deb Perelman

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Biz and Theresa explore the art of tattling. How do we teach our kids when to “tell,” when to work it out themselves, and when to shrug it off? Plus, Deb Perelman of Smitten Kitchen doesn’t solve our kid’s eating problems but does cook up a lot of genius! It’s Week 1 of the #MaxFunDrive so tune in for a special badge giveaway and much more! Thank you for supporting One Bad Mother!

You can find Deb on the internet on her website at, on twitter @smittenkitchen, or on Instagram @debperelman or @smittenkitchen. She has also published two amazing cookbooks, The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook and most recently Smitten Kitchen Every Day.

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Episode 24 - Totally Laime written by Elizabeth Laime - Story by Elizabeth Laime and Tami Sagher

Ayden Mayeri as Molly
Jason Ritter as Andy
Toni Trucks as Kendall/Yvette
Jamie Denbo as Molly’s Mom/Gate Agent/Pilot
Lucas Neff as Burditt
Scott Michael Foster as BDT
Brendan Hines as Julian
Marc Evan Jackson as Waiter/Mountain Man Dude
Katelyn Tarver as Wendy
Nola Bowie as 11 year old Molly

In this episode, Ben Blacker interviews Elizabeth Laime (Totally Laime; Totally Married; Totally Mommy) regarding her dead pilot, Totally Laime. You'll also listen to a live table read of Totally Laime, performed by some of today's funniest comedic actors.

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Heal And Learn It Up! (Brene Brown, Daring Greatly, Austin Bombings, Cynthia Nixon, National School Walkout)

MK Logo
Minority Korner

Is Nasty Nubbin a good nick name? Couple of discoveries at the start of the show: James' beat boxing skills, and Nnekay has bars! Are the wonder twins good at these respective skills? Jury is out. Next up- Miranda is running for New York Governor?! That's right Cynthia Nixon best known as Miranda from Sex In The City is running for Governor of New York. Let's unpack it! Nnekay gives a boots on the grown account of the National School Walkout at her job. James and Nnekay are both in awe and look forward to the March For Our Lives coming up. In James' korner- he is so excited to share the information he learned from Brene Brown's book Daring Greatly- which covers tactics on overcoming shame through debunking myths on being vulnerable and a few takeaways to live your life fully. In Nnekay's korner- she addresses the package bombs that have been terrorizing Texas Capital, Austin. Why they haven't been in the news media, who they are effecting, how the victims and suspect have been portrayed, and what it means to actually be a domestic terrorist. Don't forget to tune in to Maximum Fun Shows during April 2nd when MaxFunDrive kicks off!!


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Lets Get Dark! w/ Dan Van Kirk!

Dan Van Kirk

This week our guest and co-host is the hilarious Daniel Van Kirk!(Comedy Central Comics to Watch, Dumb People Town with the Sklar bros, Bob's Burgers) DVK is 100% positive he will be surviving the apocalypse so be sure to stick with this guy by following him on social media! This episode we hypothesize about the person we will become after the apocalypse has changed us, a guest submitted "would you rather" and we talk zombies as we delve into Dan's "exiters" theory meaning we dip a toe in the deep end, so be ready to get dark. (Trigger warning: exiters theory includes discussion of mass suicides.)

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CIPYD 86: Kate Shindle and Alaskan Malamutes

Kate Schindle


We’ve got a fully loaded episode for you to enjoy for this very special MaxFun Drive week! A great week needs a great guest, and we really hit the jackpot! Kate Shindle current star of “Fun Home” and past star of pretty much everything joins us in the studio to talk about her dogs and her experience working with rescue dogs! We also have a Mutt Minute on the Alaskan Malamute, which thankfully Renee did not skip. We’ve got some thrilling Dog Tech and Dog News. Plus, we present our best case to get Sir Patrick Stewart on the show!

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EP. 69 "The Mommas and the Mommas" ft. Erin Foley, Eric Dadourian and Matt Ingebretson

Lady to Lady
Erin Foley
Eric Dadourian
Matt Ingebretson

Erin Foley (@ErinFoleyComic) joins the ladies to discuss Utah Jazz, hobbies, VW buses, crossfit, phantom farts and more! Then, the ladies are joined by their Baby (@EricDadourian) who answers some MySpace quizzes and reads a poem and then Gert Bertly (@MattIngebretson) tells the ladies about Step 9. Produced by David Janove, theme song by Zach Ames.

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