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Rock & ROFL Pics


Brooklyn Vegan has posted some awesome pics of the BV & KK Present Rock & ROFL show that we sponsored last night at Piano's in NYC. Looks like it was awesome!

The surprise guest was John Vanderslice, who was a guest on TSOYA in 2006. What an awesome guy.

Above is a shot of our man Will Franken, who's repping Kansas and the Bay in Queens these days. You can find more awesome photos of Vanderslice, the comedy cats and Takka Takka by Ryan Muir over at BV.

And if you missed this show, be sure not to miss our next TSOYA Presents show, Variety SHAC at the UCBT Thursday night... not to mention Will Franken at the Purple Onion in SF on Friday and Saturday.

Podcast: Seven Second Delay with Ken Freedman and Andy Breckman

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Ken Freedman and Andy Breckman are the hosts of Seven Second Delay on WFMU, the legendary freeform radio station in Jersey City, New Jersey. For the past fifteen years, they've picked a "radio stunt" each week, then tried to execute it in just one hour of live airtime. They've chain-translated a Village Voice S&M personal add through 15 languages, then back into English, written the ultimate New York Times "Metropolitan Diary" column entry, then gotten it published, and failed more times than they can count.

When they're not on-air, Freedman serves as the station's manager. Breckman is a noted comedy writer, having written for David Letterman and Saturday Night Live (he penned the classic "White Like Me" sketch), and he is creator and showrunner of USA network's Monk.

The folks behind the Seven Second Delay blog have put together this guide to the show for listeners of TSOYA, including links to the various programs referenced during our interview. Thanks!

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Dave Hill is Looking for Love


The always-awesome Dave Hill is looking for love in all the wrong places this Valentine's day.

Kasper Hauser in NYC: "An event of magnitude."


Our very good friends The Kasper Hauser Comedy Group are bringing their brilliant, off-kilter eye to New York City tonight and tommorow night. Kasper Hauser coming to NYC is a big enough deal for Time Out New York to have declared it "an event of magnitude."

Tonight (Thursday), they're performing their show SkyMaul. See SkyMaul CEO Jerry Ponda detail the decline of the SkyMaul company, and meet the mis-matched characters who are hoping to bring it back to the top. Features original sketches specific to the show, plus material drawn from SkyMaul the book. The show's at 10 at Ars Nova.

Tommorow (Friday), they're co-headlining The Longest Sketch Show Ever at the UCB in NY. The show starts at 10 and runs for 24 straight hours. It's part of the New York Comedy Festival. They'll be performing lots of classic Kasper Hauser sketches in a show that's completely different from SkyMaul.

Be there or be square!

Stand Up for Diversity!


Once a year, NBC holds a standup comedy contest for comics who aren't white. It's called "Stand up for Diversity." The cool part about this contest is that the winner actually gets a holding deal at NBC -- which if I'm not mistaken is what you get for winning Last Comic Standing, too. A year or two ago, our buddy Brent Weinbach (half-filipino, half-jew) won the contest, and while he didn't get a guest show on Joey, he did make some money and contacts out of it.

The big show is tonight in New York, and it's hosted by the very funny Jordan Carlos. So if you're not already going to see Kasper Hauser, see deets below.

Stand Up New York
236 W. 78th st just east of Broadway

Me and my best friend Mr. Stephen Colbert


My interview with Mr. Stephen Colbert is up now in iTunes.

If you don't have iTunes, a commenter points out that it is available on the Apple website as a video. I should be clearer: it's audio and still pictures, not a full-motion video. But the file's in a video format.

Thanks to Apple for the photo and the amazing opportunity.

Project Breakout Grand Finale


Well, it's down the the finale of the Project Breakout Sketch v. Standup comedy competition. I'll be flying in to the Big Apple for the showdown, which will take place September 13th at Comix comedy club in the meatpacking district. If you want to come by, check out the show, have some drinks and meet me and the other judges, you can buy tickets online, and the promo code "PROJB" will get you five bucks off the ticket price. See you there!

"Coal" by Free Love Forum

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This is the best thing since WHIT Power 102 FM. Credit goes to the esteemed NYC sketch group Free Love Forum.

(via CCInsider, thanks Chris!)

Jordan in New York Tonight!

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New Yorkers - don't miss Jordan's shows at the Del Close Marathon tonight. He'll be performing at 8:30 with MacGuffin, then at 12:30 AM with the Smartest Panel of Experts in the Universe Ever. It's all at the UCB Theater.

On this TSOYA show, Anthony King and Ian Roberts of the UCB talk about the marathon and what makes it so special, then Jeff Griggs talks about his book "Guru," which detailed his time as Close's friend and man-at-arms. Including Close eating marijuana like cereal. (MP3)

Podcast: They Might Be Giants

John & John

They Might Be Giants are giants in a field of their own creation. Their funny art-rock has it's roots in the New York performance art world, but it's gone through many incarnations in 25 years. The band's most recent record, The Else, is largely produced by The Dust Brothers. They've also begun podcasting and offering free concert downloads.

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