My Brother, My Brother and Me 218: Kelly Rrrrrrripa


Here comes another genuine McElroy smoke stunt! We're doing so many cool things with drugs over here! You'll never guess what kind of stunts we can do with these kind nugs!

Suggested Talking Points: Summer of Taco Necks, Daddy's Pasta Hour, 4 Lyfe TP, Teacher Fusion, Krampus Poison, Halloween Baby Scam, Plasma Bong Rips

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 343: Clearing the Pipes with Eliza Skinner and Jesse Joyce

Eliza Skinner
Jesse Joyce

Comedians Eliza Skinner and Jesse Joyce join Jordan for a discussion of hipster stores, the new Liam Neeson movie, and Disney theme parks.

One Bad Mother Episode 73: It's Like We Don't Have Kids! plus guest Erica Ladd

One Bad Mother
Erica Ladd

Biz and Theresa try to have a conversation without mentioning our kids and get to know each other better as friends, not just mom-friends! Plus, Biz learns that “childproof” may not be applicable to her child, Theresa turns her car into a mobile playground, and we find out exactly what our kids' teachers want us to know, thanks to our guest Erica Ladd and her new book, The Candid Classroom.

Erica Ladd and The Candid Classroom
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Closing music: Mama Blues, Cornbread Ted and the Butterbeans

TS153:Clown Sex, The Identical, Lady Reviews, Historical Hustlers

| 1 comment
April Richardson

Would you have sex in clown makeup for $50? No, that's not the plot of Dolphin Tale 2. It's an actual bet Bryan made with Erin. Also, Erin gets a performance review from Bryan to see if Fortune Magazine was correct when they reported that women get reviewed very differently than men. Plus, did you know that Caesar was a bottom? 

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Judge John Hodgman Episode 176: The Burden of Goof


Michelle's fiance Josh is a prankster and has taken things too far! Will the judge crack down on the goofs?

THANK YOU to Kate Luckey for suggesting this week's title! To suggest a title for a future episode, like Judge John Hodgman on Facebook. We regularly put a call for submissions.

NOTE: The Judge is touring the continental United States in October and November! Check out his dates here!
And Bailiff Jesse's NPR show is coming to you live in Los Angeles on October 15 at an honest-to-God Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. What are you waiting for?!


Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Maria Bamford and George Saunders [R]


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Maria Bamford: Comedy's Orchid

Maria Bamford's comedy is weird and wonderfully distinctive. For example: she recorded her last stand up special at home, in her living room. The seating? Her couch. The audience? Her parents. She performed her set with breaks "off-stage" to take cookies out of the oven and administer medicine to her pet pug. Her comedy takes on a number of difficult issues, ones that are personal to her -- mental illness, suicidal thoughts, or tough family dynamics (she describes her family's favorite pastime as "Joy Whack-a-Mole"). But she doesn't use humor as a shield. She uses it to confront an issue, point-blank.

Bamford talks to us about why she chose to perform a special in front of her parents, processing awful experiences or feelings into jokes, and why she describes herself as "the orchid of comedy".

The Special Special Special is available now and streaming on Netflix. Her new Comedy Central CD / DVD special, Ask Me About My New God is now available.

This interview originally aired on 2/12/13.

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Dan Deacon on "The Song That Changed My Life"

Dan Deacon is a Baltimore-based composer and electronics musician who has released over a dozen albums since 2003. He talks about why a player piano composition by Conlon Nancarrow changed his life and the way he made music.

This interview originally aired on 1/03/12.

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George Saunders on Creative Challenge and Financial Pressure

George Saunders could have been a geophysicist. In fact, he was one. He graduated from the Colorado School of Mines and worked in the oil fields of Sumatra. He came to fiction writing a little later in life, attending Syracuse University's creative writing program (where he now teaches).

Saunders is now well-recognized as one of the greatest short story writers and satirists of our time. He's been awarded a MacArthur "Genius" grant and a Guggenheim Fellowship, along with piles of literary accolades for his collections, which include Pastoralia and CivilWarLand in Bad Decline. His stories often explore a world much like our own, just slightly more grotesque -- societies that are terrifying and recognizable. His writing is incisive, sad, and also really funny. His collection, Tenth of December, is available now in paperback.

Saunders talks to us about how people interpret luck and what they do with it, drawing inspiration from a disturbing dream, and unyielding financial pressure (the kind that doesn't even lift when you win a major award).

This interview originally aired on 2/12/13.

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The Outshot: William Carlos Williams' "Danse Russe"

Jesse ruminates on alone time and... William Carlos Williams' "Danse Russe".

This segment originally aired on 2/12/13.

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Stop Podcasting Yourself 339 - Ken Tremblett

| 1 comment
Ken Tremblett

Actor Ken Tremblett joins us to talk about playing Mr. Belding 2.0, modern art, and Nerf Wars.

Download episode 339 here. (right-click)

Email us at "spy [at] maximumfun [dot] org" or phone us at (206) 339-8328.

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Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 342: Ham Hynasty with Susan Orlean

Susan Orlean

New Yorker staff writer Susan Orlean joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of pitcher cocktails, overgrooming, and the modern day tukey leg craze.

MBMBaM 217: Clippy Lovemaking Tips


Come for the erudite discussion of games industry acquisitions and mergers, stay for the discussion of undergarment oversaturation.

Suggested talking points: GamerTalk, The Law, Memory Foam Remembers, Seeds of Pants, Caesar's Revenge, Weird Ask Jeeves

International Waters: Episode 34 Scotch Egg Fight!

Nate, Santina and Dave in LA
Nate Craig
Santina Muha
Sophie Black
Fergus Craig

Americans Nate Craig and Santina Muha take on Brits Sophie Black and Fergus Craig for Bud Light Chelada tasting, transcontinental sex party news and a sad farewell to summer.

The teams brainstorm obsolete technology that Apple could revive, filthy British TV adaptations and Nate explains how the LA comedy scene likes to celebrate Independence Day on the beach.

Written by Sarah Morgan and Asterios Kokkinos.

Other useful links this week:

Nate Craig wants to plug his up-coming live dates in Chicago and is a big fan of Senator Elizabeth Warren so thinks we should all pay some attention to her.

Santina Muha is on Twitter @SantinaMuha and will be performing her solo show, That Girl in The Wheelchair at the UCB (LA) at the end of September. Santina thinks you should check out TV show, The Fosters.

Sophie Black wants to plug The Actors School, a sitcom pilot she’s made with Fergus. Sophie thinks you should take a look at BBC sitcom The Walshes.

Fergus Craig has a comedy book coming out in a couple of weeks called Tips for Actors and recommends the music of Alice Ant.

And finally, Dave Holmes is on Twitter @DaveHolmes, hosts his live quiz show, The Friday Forty at LA’s Meltdown Theatre on the second Friday of every month and recommends Boy George’s autobiography, Take it Like a Man, which is out now on paper.

You can let us know what you think of International Waters and suggest guests on the MaxFun forum or through our Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter for updates on guests and when we’ve just posted a new episode (hint: it’ll be 1st and 15th of every month).

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