Stop Podcasting Yourself 344 - DeAnne Smith

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DeAnne Smith

Comedian DeAnne Smith joins us to talk lap dances, baseball, and boats.

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Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 347: Growing Violet with Lisa Hanawalt

Lisa Hanawalt

Artist and podcaster Lisa Hanawalt joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of novelty footwear, Jordan's visit to a cat cafe, and a crazy dragon subreddit.

One Bad Mother Episode 77: Forgiving Ourselves, plus guests Dave and Abby Shumka

One Bad Mother
Dave and Abby Shumka

On a Very Special MaxFunWeek episode of One Bad Mother, Biz and Theresa seek forgiveness. Why is it so easy to forgive the people we love, but not ourselves? Plus, Katy Belle is in love, Theresa is not a monster, and best of all we talk with Dave Shumka of Stop Podcasting Yourself and his wonderful wife, Abby, who is her own person, about life with their brand new baby.

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Closing music: Mama Blues, Cornbread Ted and the Butterbeans

Stop Podcasting Yourself LIVE with Jon Dore from the Northwest Podcast Fest

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Jon Dore

Jon Dore joins us for an episode recorded live at Vancouver's Biltmore Cabaret as a part of the Northwest Podcast Fest.

TS155:Heat Wave,Vibrators,Nicholas Sparks & Alabama Abortions


The last moment of the heat wave exposed Erin to a man with a masturbating tattoo and Bryan to a move in situation with his boyfriend. In importanter news, Nicholas Sparks, soft focus romance purveyor, opened a school only for white straight Christians in linen and Erin reads Alabama to filth for going too far in the pro-life battle. 



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Judge John Hodgman Episode 180: MaxFunWeek!

Hrishi Hirway
Nate DiMeo
Griffin McElroy

Judge John Hodgman clears the docket with some very special guests to celebrate MaxFunWeek! MaxFunWeek celebrates you, dear listener! The fun kicks off today, Wednesday October 15 and runs through Tuesday, October 21. Check out all of the MaxFunWeek happenings (including prizes and social meetups) here.

Today's episode features expert wisdom from

Hrishikesh Hirway, host of Song Exploder
Nate DiMeo, host of The Memory Palace
Griffin McElroy, co-host of My Brother, My Brother and Me

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International Waters: Episode 36 MaxFunWeek Special

Dave, Emily and Lisa
Emily Heller
Lisa Hanawalt
Dave Shumka
Graham Clark

Baby Geniuses, Emily Heller and Lisa Hanawalt take on Stop Podcasting Yourself’s Dave Shumka and Graham Clark in our first ever MaxFunWeek special.

We’ve got cameos from fellow Maximum Fun podcasts One Bad Mother, Judge John Hodgman, Lady to Lady, MBMBaM and JJGo! Plus everyone’s sick from the recent Blood Moon and is that a luxury recording yacht we see out the window?

Other useful links this week:

Listen to Emily Heller and Lisa Hanawalt’s Baby Geniuses podcast here.
The Baby Geniuses will be doing a reddit IAmA on Monday October 20th at 6pm PDT.

Listen to Dave Shumka and Graham Clark’s Stop Podcasting Yourself podcast here.
The Stop Podcasting Yourself boys will be doing their reddit IAmA on Sunday October 19th at 1pm PDT.

For full information about MaxFunWeek just click here.

Dave Holmes is on Twitter @DaveHolmes and will be doing his reddit IAmA on Thursday October 16th at 2pm.

International Waters is written by Sarah Morgan and Asterios Kokkinos, recorded at MaxFunHQ in LA and produced by Jennifer Marmor and Colin Anderson.

You can let us know what you think of International Waters and suggest guests on the MaxFun forum or through our Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter for updates on guests and when we’ve just posted a new episode (hint: it’ll be 1st and 15th of every month).

Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: DJ Quik

DJ Quik

If you're in Los Angeles, you've got less than 48 hours to buy tickets to Bullseye with Jesse Thorn LIVE on Wednesday, October 15th at the Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Featuring conversation with Rob Corddry (Wedlock, Childrens Hospital) and Dan Harmon (Community, Harmontown), music from Sara Watkins (Nickel Creek, Watkins Family Hour), comedy from Steve Agee (New Girl, The Sarah Silverman Program) and Andy Kindler (Maron, Letterman) and more! Plus, your ticket gets you a free beer after the show at our meet-and-greet sponsored by NPR's Generation Listen.

Tickets are going fast - get yours now, and we'll see you there!

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

DJ Quik Talks About Bollywood Samples, Life Imitating Art, and Hairstyles

DJ Quik is one of the most prolific figures in West Coast hip hop. He's a great rapper, but first and foremost, he's always considered himself a producer. He's produced some of the most inventive samples and beats of the genre. And even though he geeks out about latest and greatest studio equipment, he's always used whatever it takes to capture the sound he wants -- even if it means recording a music sample with a VCR.

Quik first made a name for himself in the hip hop scene in the late 80's and early 90's, handing out homemade mix tapes and deejaying around Los Angeles. He's since released ten albums, and produced records for everyone from Tupac, Snoop Dogg and Xzibit to Tony! Toni! Toné!.

He'll talk about why a leaked record and a couple of guns made him realize he needed a new circle of friends, why he never wants to stop making pretty beats for his records and his inspiration for his awesome, awesome hairstyles over the years.

DJ Quik's new record is The Midnight Life. It's available now.

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Photo: Mandee Johnson

Comedy: Cameron Esposito Explains Why Difference is Good

America is a place of differences. And in an excerpt from her new stand up comedy album, Cameron Esposito explains why we should celebrate that.

Esposito's new record is called Same Sex Symbol. It's available now from Kill Rock Stars Records and on iTunes. She's also one of the co-hosts of the action and sci-fi podcast Wham Bam Pow.

The Outshot: Skymaul 2

Have you ever picked up and actually flipped through one of those in-flight catalogs? Well, the sketch comedy group Kasper Hauser takes all of the grotesque and excessive product offerings of Skymall, and brings them to another level in Skymaul 2: Where America Buys His Stuff.

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Stop Podcasting Yourself 343 - Colt Cabana

Colt Cabana

Colt Cabana returns to talk Newfoundland wrestling, Dr. Phil, and fancy drinks.

Download episode 343 here. (right-click)

Email us at "spy [at] maximumfun [dot] org" or phone us at (206) 339-8328.

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Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 346: Boot Candy with Travis McElroy

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Travis McElroy

Travis McElroy from My Brother, My Brother and Me joins Jordan and Jesse for a discussion of Jesse's recent showdown at a wedding, Travis's move across the country, and current and future "dad" music.

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