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Happy MaxFunDrive, everybody! To celebrate, we're doing a between-weeks episode of The The Adventure Zone Zone, an informal chat show about the rest of the podcast that we do. Join us for a discussion of Taako's Taco Quest, the origins of Barry Bluejeans and what's in store for future campaigns! And visit maximumfun.org/donate!

TS226: Hillary Clinton,Nancy Reagan,Susan Lynn,MaxFunDrive

Throwing Shade

It's that time of the year, honeybunz. Throwing Shade needs your support, but don't take it from Bryan and Erin - take it from donor experts Milan Paris and Everly Brother. Plus, Bryan breaks down Hillary Clinton's misstep regarding the Reagans and AIDS, while Erin goes down to Tennessee to talk about Rep. Susan Lynn, a woman who doesn't believe women deserve equal pay. Cool! And remember - go to www.maximumfun.org/donate to give your gets!

Pop Rocket: Episode 63 Zombieing, SxSW & Memes

Margaret, Christian & Guy
Pop Rocket
Guy Branum
Wynter Mitchell
Oliver Wang
Margaret Wappler

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Wynter reports live from SxSW, Margaret learns about Eggplant Friday, Guy Gushes about Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Oliver is double-about Kendrick's new “untitled,unmastered” EP.

With Guy Branum, Wynter Mitchell, Oliver Wang and Margaret Wappler.

Each week we’ll add everyone’s jams to this handy Spotify playlist.

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Produced by Colin Anderson & Christian Dueñas for MaximumFun.org.

Judge John Hodgman Episode 253: Decease and Desist


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Plus Judge Hodgman is still doing his Instagram shoutouts to donors at the leadership level - hear more about it on this episode.

We premiere a new segment this week, Status Conference, plus a dad goes on trial. Marc brings the case against his wife Polly. They had a beloved dog who passed away several years ago. Marc would like to assemble and prepare a display of the skeleton in memory of their pet. Polly thinks this is weird and gross. Who's right? Who's wrong?

Thanks to Korey Atterberry for suggesting this week's title! To suggest a title for a future episode, like Judge John Hodgman on Facebook. We regularly put a call for submissions.


One Bad Mother Episode 146: Dinner and Drinks with guest Emily Oster

One Bad Mother
Emily Oster

It's the #MaxFunDrive! Support the show by visiting MaximumFun.org/donate. Thank you! This week, Biz and Theresa are talking about the guilt and drama surrounding family dinnertime. So sit still, eat your dinner, and bond with your family for goodness sake! Dinner time is supposed to be relaxing! DON'T WE LOOK RELAXED? Plus, Biz steels herself for spring break, Theresa finds the fun in four, and we welcome back economist and author of Expecting Better, Emily Oster, to explore the recent CDC warning about alcohol for "women of childbearing age." WE'RE TALKING DINNER AND DRINKS THIS WEEK! GET IT?! Happy #MaxFunDrive!

Expecting Better: Why The Conventional Pregnancy Wisdom is Wrong -- And What You Really Need To Know, By Emily Oster

Follow Emily Oster on twitter @ProfEmilyOster

Hear Emily Oster on Episode 40 of One Bad Mother

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Opening theme: Summon the Rawk, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Ones and Zeros, Awesome, Beehive Sessions (http://awesomeinquotes.com, also avail on iTunes)
Mom Song, Adira Amram, Hot Jams For Teens (www.adiraamram.com, available on iTunes)
Bright, Echosmith, Talking Dreams, (http://www.echosmith.com also available on iTunes)
Closing music: Mama Blues, Cornbread Ted and the Butterbeans

Getting Curious: Episode 8 What's It Like to be a Comedic Legend? With Margaret Cho

Margaret & Jonathan
Getting Curious
Jonathan Van Ness
Margaret Cho

Jonathan goes round to Margaret Cho's house to talk about comedy, dogs, charity and cannabis.

With Jonathan Van Ness and Margaret Cho.

Here's more information about #BeRobin

You can find Jonathan on Twitter @TheGayOfThrones or follow him on his Instagram Gay of Thrones.
The Getting Curious Facebook group is here and you can follow us on Twitter @Getting_Curious on Twitter.

International Waters: Episode 70 MaxFunDrive 2016

Kyle, Zabeth & Dave
Kyle Kinane
Zabeth Russell
Marek Larwood
Angela Barnes

Kyle Kinane, Zabeth Russell, Angela Barnes and Marek Larwood join host, Dave Holmes topical quizzing, guessing whether a list of things are a new "Uber For..." or Summer Festival Indie Band and tearing down The Queen and Meryl Streep with almost as horrendous consequences.

Kyle Kinane wants to plug his up-coming gigs and recommends (MaxFunster) Bucky Sinister's new book Black Hole.

Zabeth Russell wants to plug her show Middle Seat at Hollywood's Pack Theatre on March 15th and recommends Molly Hawkey's Bachelor Videos.

Angela Barnes wants to plug her live show Come As You Are at London's Soho Theatre in April.

Marek Larwood wants to plug the sport he made up and has lost almost £2000 on, Volfsball and his Dad's online hanging basket business BestHangingBaskets.com.

And finally, Dave Holmes is on Twitter @DaveHolmes and hosts his live quiz show, The Friday Forty at LA’s Meltdown Theatre on the second Friday of every month. Dave new memoir Party of One is out soon.

You can let us know what you think of International Waters and suggest guests through our Facebook group or on Twitter.

Written by Sarah Morgan and Asterios Kokkinos, recorded at MaxFunHQ in LA and GuiltFreePost in London, produced by Jennifer Marmor and Colin Anderson.

Bullseye with Jesse Thorn: Zach Galifianakis & Michael K. Williams

Zach Galifianakis
Michael K. Williams

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Photo: Jesse Thorn

Zach Galifianakis on Unlikeable Characters, Sudden Fame and Facing “Heartbreaking” Criticism on Public Radio

Zach Galifianakis is an actor, writer and stand-up comedian whose humor isn’t for everyone. His comedic observations and characterizations in television and film have made him a unique voice that some people love and others love to hate.

Galifianakis is probably most widely known for his role as Alan in The Hangover films, but he's also been in everything from Up in the Air, Birdman and Bored to Death. He's now the star and co-creator of the new FX series, Baskets. He plays a clown who can't keep up with the tuition or his classmates at his French clowning school, and returns to his hometown of Bakersfield, California to work in a rodeo.

Galifianakis sat down with Jesse to talk about creating a show that revolves around a mean and unlikeable character, how he contended with the sudden fame that came with The Hangover and what it’s like be dissed on public radio.

Baskets airs on Thursday nights at 10 pm on FX.

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Michael K. Williams on His Club Kid Days, Breaking Ground with The Wire and Why a Pop Song Touches Him So Deeply

Michael K. Williams is an actor and dancer who broke out in the role of Omar Little on HBO’s The Wire. His characterization of a criminal “with a code” made the show a favorite among critics and viewers, one of whom was President Obama.

He was a club kid turned professional dancer, and later turned to acting. His resume includes everything from Boardwalk Empire to Twelve Years a Slave to Inherent Vice. He currently co-stars in the new Sundance TV series, Hap and Leonard.

Williams sat down with us to talk about his memories of being a New York club kid, the difference that playing Omar made in his life and others and the opportunity that led him to realize that being a performer could be a career, rather than just a job.

Hap and Leonard can be seen Wednesday nights at 10 pm on Sundance TV.

The Outshot: Gravediggaz’s Poetic

Jesse remembers the poignancy of rapper Poetic’s examination of his own mortality in the music he produced with Gravediggaz.

Stop Podcasting Yourself 417 - Brent Butt

Brent Butt

It's week 1 of MaxFunDrive 2016. Donate to the show at maximumfun.org/donate. This week, Brent Butt returns to talk about joining Facebook in this day and age, dead celebrities, and Fuller House.

Download episode 417 here. (right-click)

Email us at "spy [at] maximumfun [dot] org" or phone us at (206) 339-8328.

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MBMBaM 294: Goofbusters


AWWWW DUNK. It's MaxFunDrive time! We're kicking off a two-week celebration of your generosity with this an episode that's just, like, chock-full of pandering. By which we mean we revive all of our classic bits, some of which were dead for very good reasons.

Suggested talking points: Haunted Doll Watch, Hat Stink, Quinoa Month, The Saddest Lib, Lil' Musky, Boogle, Mailroom Ghost, Dr. M'Crum, Truck Month, Regarding Marrying Sonic Characters

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