The Sound of Young America in Mashable


I'm proud that Mashable has featured TSOYA as an example of how community arts organizations can and should use social media.

Here's what Emily Goligowski wrote:
The culture show The Sound of Young America has gained traction and donations by finding low cost ways to promote “a radio show about things that are awesome” and secured a national syndication deal with Public Radio International in the process. What began with an interview show that Jesse Thorn produced in his college dorm room has grown into a set of forums, podcasts recorded at comedy festivals around the country, and a lighthearted blog. The burgeoning content network still maintains Thorn’s personality and authenticity (as evidenced by Tweets (@youngamerican) that were among the most introspective upon Michael Jackson’s death) in ways that many online self-promoters lose in building their brands.

You can read the whole article here for more organizations using social media in cool ways.

Nice Shirt, Chris!


The great @Nerdist rocking some fly gear on G4's Attack of the Show.

Don't miss Web Soup Sundays at 9PM.

I was on Howard Stern last week...


Or at least I was discussed. Briefly.

Thanks for the heads-up to Rob Corddry and Paul Scheer, and for the audio to Robin Linn

Jesse on the Slash Film Podcast


I had a great time visiting with Dave Chen on the /Filmcast, a very high quality film discussion show.

I talked a lot (a lot!) about The Hangover, a movie I really enjoyed. You can listen to the show here; the Hangover review, in which I'm featured, starts an hour and five minutes in.

I need to stop being so quotable.


Rob Baedeker of Kasper Hauser is also a columnist for, the website of the San Francisco Chronicle. In his column, Money Tales, he writes about how people's lives and people's money interact. When we held our pledge drive, he asked if he could write a bit about how I've pieced together a living from what amounts to my college radio show.

Of course, in the space of half a dozen or so paragraphs, I manage to claim to be "vicious like the wolverine" and to reject the bedrock principles of capitalism by saying "I look at the marketplace and say, 'Ugh, people want that?"

In other words: I have to learn to be less quotable.

That said, it's a really lovely article, and can be read here.

Jesse on Never Not Funny

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My friends at the podcast Never Not Funny invited me on their show recently, and it was a pleasure and an honor to accept their invitation. Never Not Funny has been one of my favorite podcasts for years; I listen every week.

Jimmy Pardo and Matt Belknap, the host and producer of the show, will be guests on The Sound of Young America in a few weeks. Jimmy was a guest a few years ago, shortly after he and Matt launched the show.

Above are the first 20 or so minutes of the show, which are free. If you subscribe ($20 well spent), you can get the full episode and for a further five bucks, the video.

TSOYA in the TV Guide Hot List

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Thanks to the good folks from TV Guide for including The Sound of Young America in a recent "Hot List" in the magazine.

Here's what they wrote:

Jenna Fischer Talks
Before Pam Beesly and Jim Halpert were "PB&J," Jenna Fischer was a struggling starlet. Listen as she hilariously recounts her story from St. Louis kid to Hollywood pro on NPR's [sic] "The Sound of Young America." There's Office scoop galore, too, and fun facts, like why she and John Krasinski are "career soul mates." Call it "JF&J."

Here's the interview referenced.

Jesse Thorn: One of LA Weekly's "LA People"


If you had told 16-year-old Jesse he'd one day be one of the "LA People," he would have laughed in your face and invited you on a cable car ride. Today, though, it has come to pass.

My thanks to the great Joshuah Bearman for writing this lovely profile of me in this week's LA Weekly "People" issue.

Jesse and the Nieman Journalism Lab


Last month, I had a long chat with Joshua Benton, a blogger for the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard. Josh was very familiar with The Sound, and wanted to know what I think about the future of journalism.

Of course, I barely think of myself as a journalist -- pseudo-journalist and entertainer seem like better fits -- but I've carved my own corner of the media world the hard way, so I was glad to share some of what I've learned.

Josh introduced this interview in this post. The rest of the interview is posted below, with links to the blog, which has transcripts (that embarrassingly include every "like" I uttered).

Part one: "Anything I can do to make a more profound connection with my audience is my job."

Part 2: "On the future of radio and the benefits of being small."

Part 3: "On gathering your online audience in the real world."

Jenna Fischer on The Sound of Young America

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As if you needed proof that Jenna was a Super Nice Lady, not to mention a Class Act, she posted our interview on her (totally fascinating) MySpace blog this week, and included this ringing endorsement: 

I recently did an interview for The Sound of Young America.  I LOVED doing this interview!  He asked me great questions about getting started as an actress and about The Office.  I feel like he got me to tell stories I’ve never told before.  Enjoy!

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