Jesse on Weekend America


The kind folks from Weekend America were nice enough to invite me to appear on their popular radio program this week. It was interesting to be on a show where they actually edit things and make you sound better than you sounded in real life. Also, to be on a show that has a real radio studio. And producers. A receptionist, even. Basically, it was interesting to be on a real radio show.

Thanks Weekend America!

(This week Weekend America is hosted by MaxFunPal John Moe.)

UK's Word Magazine writes up TSOYA

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The UK music magazine The Word has a kind blurb about The Sound of Young America in a larger piece about what to listen to instead of radio.

The Sound Of Young America
From Japanese toy experts to Miles Davis's missus, it's like Start The Week with cool people

Let's face it, UK radio doesn't talk well about fun stuff - the glowering spirit of Lord Reith tends to make Radio 4 err on the side of worthiness. When pop culture does get a look in, it constantly has to justify its presence while someone like John Humphrys or James Naughtie sniffs disparagingly in the background.

Jesse Thorn's The Sound Of Young America is the complete antithesis of this. Billed as "a public radio show about things that are awesome", it features the San Franciscan comedian-presenter simply talking to people who make or do cool stuff. Whether it's crime novel king Elmore Leonard, porno-soul legend Swamp Dogg or Tank Girl/Gorillaz creator Jamie Hewlett, Thorn talks to them all in an easy, informed style that assumes the listener is hip to their output or at least the field in which they work. While that can make conversations with some of the more obscure stand-up comics a little excluding, most of the time it means there's a connection and a conversation worth listening in to. MATT HALL, podcasts via iTunes

Thanks Matt! (By the way: Blowfly is porno soul, Swamp Dogg is... Swamp Dogg).

TSOYA in the UC Santa Cruz Magazine


There's a very nice piece in the UCSC Alumni magazine about me and The Sound of Young America this issue. Scott Rappaport writes about how the show has gone from campus radio to PRI, and I think he did a great job of encapsulating the journey and conveying what TSOYA is all about.

Hopefully some rich UCSC grad will now become my patron.

Just kidding. There are no rich UCSC grads.

Read the article here.

Me on G4TV's Attack of the Show


Here I am visiting G4TV's Attack of the Show on Friday (they actually changed the name of th program to "Attack of Jesse's Enormous Head"). Everyone was really nice, especially our old pal Chris Hardwick and host Kevin Pereira, who is a big TSOYA fan, and threatened to prove it by busting out his iPhone and playing an episode.

Being on live TV is weird and hard, and you can see me sputtering a bit, but it all worked out OK. Maybe I'll be back sometime!

In conclusion, if you have a TV show, yes, I will be on it, just ask.

Jesse on the Metafilter Podcast


The Sound of Young America's gracious underwriter, Metafilter, has a podcast. I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the show's host (and MetaFilter's owner), Matt Haughey about how I use MetaFilter on said podcast. I had a great time, and as I've mentioned before (I think), I was a MetaFilter member and fan before they started underwriting the show.

You can find the interview here.

Interview on

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Claire Zulkey was kind enough to interview me for She usually interviews important people, like Louie CK, Ben Karlin, Rick Moody, and George Saunders.

The Onion weighs in on TSOYA Live!


The Onion's show preview of Monday's TSOYA Live! in San Francisco show:

"The Sound of Young America calls itself 'a public radio show about things that are awesome,' but the show is pretty awesome in and of itself. Made in the living room of "America's Radio Sweetheart" Jesse Thorn, a host whose voice sounds way too seasoned to belong to a 26-year-old, The Sound of Young America is everything a podcast (or public radio show for that matter) should be: insightful, funny, snappy and above all, not stuffy. The show covers all forms of entertainment, from books to music to TV, but casts an especially focused eye on comedy, which means lots of interviews with comedians like Louis CK, Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, and even Shelley Berman. Here, Thorn tapes a live TSOYA program with guests Morgan Murphy, Rogue Wave's Zach Rogue, Merlin Mann and others."

Thanks to the Onion's SF staff, especially Marc!

The Athens Banner-Herald Lauds TSOYA


How do you know you've made it? When you make it into the pages of the Athens Banner-Herald, that's how!

Public Radio International's "Sound of Young America" is one of the best podcasts I've heard. The wife discovered the free podcast on iTunes and it was literally all we listened to on our long drive through Florida this Xmas. Hosted by self-proclaimed "America's Radio Sweetheart" Jesse Thorn, the show features interviews with all manner of hip cats like comedians Patton Oswalt and Zach Galifianakis, authors Nick Hornby and Simon Rich and scads of others. It's available for free from and iTunes.

Thanks Ryan Lewis!

Best of 2007!

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Woo hoo!

The editors of iTunes have selected the best podcasts of 2007, and we've got not one but TWO winners! The Sound of Young America was selected as one of the 25 best "classic" podcasts of the year, and Coyle & Sharpe: The Imposters was selected as one of the 25 best new podcasts of the year!

I also want to extend my hearty congratulations to all the other winners, especially our friends at Never Not Funny. Plus a few of my other favorites, like RadioLab, This American Life and On the Media.

Ayo Technology: TSOYA in PC Mag


Hey! Getta loada this!

The good folks at PC Magazine have named The Sound of Young America one of their five favorite podcasts for 2007!

Here's what our old pal Brian Heater wrote:

I've been following The Sound of Young America (TSOYA) since its days as a plucky little public radio show in Santa Cruz, California. Since then, the show has harnessed the power of podcasting to garner the kind of following that can only be found via the Internet, not to mention coverage in publications like Time and Salon. Each week the show's host, Jesse Thorn, presents interviews with some of the most fascinating, insightful, and hilarious names across the pop-culture spectrum.

Since Merlin keeps bringing us up on MacBreak weekly, we're looking pretty cross-platform right now. Anybody out there writing for Amiga Enthusiast? NEXT User? Osborne 1 Monthly? I'm feeling completist.

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