TSOYA in Esquire!


Thanks to John for pointing out that there's a little piece on The Sound of Young America in this month's Esquire. It's part of their Esquire 100 feature, which chronicles "emerging ideas, trends, discoveries, products, people, and obscene gestures you should know about before everyone else does."

Finally, a public radio show that's specifically designed not for the kind of people who carry around canvas NPR tote bags. The hour you'll spend listening to host Jesse Thorn interview guests (like Terry Gilliam and Elmore Leonard) with youthful humor and enthusiasm won't feel like a civic duty.

Find it on page 44 of the October issue, which features a handsomely beardo-ed Benicio Del Toro squinting into your soul on the front cover.


TSOYA in Filmmaker Magazine

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Thanks to a couple of astute listeners who pointed out that we're featured in the Summer issue of Filmmaker Magazine. If you take the magazine, flip to "The Super 8: Eight things that will keep you in the know."

Here's what you'll find:

#8: The Sound of Young America. The handmade radio show, The Sound of Young America, is a bit like "Fresh Air" for Generation Y. Hosted by 25-year-old Jesse Thorn, the show provides casual in-depth conversations with figures as diverse as writer Chuck Klosterman, "H.R. Pufnstuf" creator Marty Krofft and Deerhoof drummer Greg Saunier.

Here's to you, Filmmaker Magazine.

Terry Gross on Mescaline


Is what MediaBistro's FishBowl LA called this show when they interviewed me.

Interview in the Long Island Press

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I just did a nice interview with Mo Ibrahim of the Long Island Press. You can find it here. I reveal, among other things, which podcast is the most fun for me to do.

God bless these people!


I have recently been interviewed a couple of times, and I thought I would share them for those who don't have a google news alert set up for "the sound of young america" yet. (Which, I sincerely hope, is everyone on earth who isn't me).

Here I am on this morning's "Moldawer in the Morning" podcast
. The charming David Moldawer and I discuss a few interesting news stories, as well as how much we love SkyMaul. It was a very fun show.

Here I am being interviewed in The Coming, which is the new LA affiliate of The Apiary. I talked with Megan Berru about the roots of TSOYA and the Los Angeles comedy scene.

Also and additionally, Dr. Tim Anderson posted this small piece in the online journal "In Media Res" about the show. It's about how TSOYA covers hip-hop, and specifically about portrayals of "the game" in our interviews with Killer Mike and Peedi Crakk.

Oh! And I've been hosting the Slate Daily Podcast the last couple days. That's mostly me reading a story from Slate, but Friday's show was an edition of the Political Gabfest, so I actually had some agency in it. It was fun!

Also: because I don't have any "marketing budget" or "publicist," I'm pretty much happy to help you out with any press project. If you want to interview me or use me as a resource, I'm happy to help. I even have high-quality photos (thanks Noe)!

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