Ross and Carrie Await the End Times (Part 1): Amazing Facts Edition


Are you sick of alternative facts? Good news! We have some "Amazing Facts" to share with you. Ross and Carrie respond to a junk-mail ad for an end times prophecy seminar, and show up to learn from the Bible, via a semi-mysterious group called Amazing Facts. What is the Beast? Who is the Antichrist? Which will end first: the world, or this lecture series?

Plus: Who knows the Bible better: Carrie or Ross? (It's Ross.)

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Ross and Carrie and the PIHOP Prayer Prophecy: Pizza Edition


Fortune telling may seem like the purview of new age bookstores and store front psychics, until you enter the hidden world of Christian prophecy, where church-going Christians say they receive messages directly from God, and He has a message for you. Or for Ross and Carrie, as the case may be. Join us as we find out what God has in store for each of us, who makes God sing "Jingle Bells," and which of us strikes jealousy into the hearts of all we meet.

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