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Podcast: Bucky Sinister Live in San Francisco


The second in our series of podcasts from our January live show at SF Sketchfest.

Bucky Sinister is a San Francisco poet and comedian. He's been a leader in the Bay Area's performance poetry scene since moving to the Mission district of the City in the 1980s. He performed a poem from his book, "All Blacked Out and Nowhere to Go." He also recently released a spoken word CD, on Talent Moat records, titled "What Happens in Narnia, Stays in Narnia."

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Merlin Mann

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12/20: Just added... Merlin Mann!
1/4: Just added... Bucky Sinister and Danny Hoch!

SF's Alterna-Comedy World: CHRONICLED


I was chatting with my fiance's mother, who celebrated her birthday this past weekend, and she mentioned there was an article about comedy in the Sunday SF Chronicle entertainment magazine, Datebook. This usually means that someone's excavated the corpse of Robin Williams for a benefit show. Or maybe, at best, Father Guido Sarducci.

This time, though, it was different.

"Isn't Brent Weinbach a friend of yours?" She asked. "He's in the article."

Indeed he is, and he's been a great friend of TSOYA for many years. So are Tony B and Bucky Sinister, pictured above. Tony's been running the Club Chuckles room at the Hemlock Tavern for a few years now, and we put together a show there with Brent, Jasper Redd and Prank the Dean early on in that run.

San Francisco is lucky to have two really excellent comedy clubs -- The Punchline and Cobb's -- but as another TSOYA buddy, W. Kamau Bell, points out in the piece, it's the alternative spaces where you work on your art.

So kudos to all involved! Here's a link to the article.

Special Free Screening of The Ten in SF

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Our pals at SF Sketchfest and ThinkFilm are presenting a special FREE screening of David Wain's newest magnum opus, "The Ten" in San Francisco:

Tuesday, July 24
7:30 pm
Landmark’s Lumiere Theatre
1572 California Street, San Francisco.
To attend, you must RSVP to Be sure to give your full name and let us know if you will be bringing a guest. Please note the theatre will be slightly overbooked to ensure capacity; an RSVP will not guarantee you a seat.

For those of you who aren't in San Francisco, you can just watch the trailer above and drool. You can also listen to this interview with Wain on TSOYA last year.

Great weekend for Bay Area comedy...


Not only is the one and only Mr. Paul F. Tompkins headlining this week at the Punchline in San Francisco (win tix here), but The Shooter himself, Mr. Jimmy Pardo is headlining at Rooster T. Feathers in Sunnyvale.

In the unforgettable words of the Rooster T. Feathers answering machine: "Cock-a-doodle-DOOOOOOOOO!"

San Francisco, 1940


San Francisco, captured in full color in 1940 by filmmaker Harold T. O'Neal. Greatest city in the world.

Chappelle and Hardwick tonight in SF

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Yay Area representatives: Chris Hardwick spilled the beans that he'll be opening for Dave Chappelle at the Punchline in SF tonight. Check Ticketmaster (repeatedly) for tickets, Chris says they should be up around now.

UCSC Print Sale this Weekend


One of my favorite annual events in Santa Cruz is the UCSC Print Sale, which is coming up this weekend. Whether you live in the Monterey bay area, the south bay, or San Francisco, it's worth a trip.

Once a year, the art department at UCSC throws open their doors to sell student art. Some of it isn't to my taste, but every time I go, I come home with a few beautiful pieces. There are prints on paper, prints on fabric, block prints, lithographs, t-shirts, cards and a million other things. And the most expensive pieces are only thirty or forty dollars.

From where I'm sitting now, I can see three pieces that I bought at the print sale, and there are a few more in my closet (on clothes, of course). It's a wonderful event, and not to be missed. I reccomend driving down from the Bay Area for a morning at the print sale and an afternoon at the boardwalk or out on the beach. You won't regret it.

Below is Hopeful by Kristal Passy; above is Epic by LeeAnn Jacobs.

I Guess Today is Art Day: Arcadia in San Francisco


Another art event worth attending: Arcadia. It's an annual benefit for San Francisco's Friends of the Urban Forest. Every year they feature spectacular artist-donated pieces like the one above - "Fragment," by Josh Keyes. The work is auctioned off to support the great work that FUF does.

Keyes writes about how a cross-section of the eart reflects our alienation from the natural world:

This piece was a reaction to a housing development project I saw while traveling across the country. There was a clean separation or break between an area of dense forest and the barren stripped area of earth sectioned off for housing developments. The forest that was removed seemed surgical in appearance, and blind to the cohesive ecosystem that had existed there.

The event is Monday the 23rd in San Francisco -- but even if you don't go, you can bid on pieces in absentia, or simply visit the website and gawk at the beautiful work that artists have donated to help green San Francisco.

Yay Area Representatives!


Not only is the very funny Kevin Shea taping his first CD at the Purple Onion in San Francisco Friday night with supporting acts including the also very funny Sheng Wang...

But you can also catch the great Brent Weinbach dropping the BOOMTIME on the Punchline in San Francisco tonight (4-17) and tommorow (4-18). Tonight he delivers BEGINNING WEINBACH, then tommorow... it's ADVANCED WEINBACH. We say GO SEE BOTH! This is a rare opportunity for a COMPLETE WEINBACH SCHOOLING.

And for those of you who don't live in the 'Sco, don't miss BW rocking the M Bar in LA on the 26th and Coachella on the 27th.

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