Rendered #4 Shakespeare In Detroit

Shakespeare In Detroit's production of "Romeo & Juliet"
Sam Whilte, artistic director for Shakespeare In Detroit
Hugh M. Duneghy II, actor
Vanessa Sawson, actress
Kennikki Jones, actress
Thomas Klug, director of the Institute of Detroit Studies at Marygrove College

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Sam White saw potential in Detroit's dramatic struggle that no one else seemed to see — the perfect setting for Shakespeare's plays. Her company, Shakespeare In Detroit, performs in locations all over the city — in parks, at a YMCA and, once, in the old Lincoln Motor Factory. It's a scrappy company that depends on crowdfunding and nonprofit partnerships, with a mission to make Shakespeare accessible to a wide range of audiences. And the politics of the Motor City itself are often on Sam's mind when she's considering how to approach a production.

This story comes from producer Caitlin Pierce. Special thanks to Anna Sale of WNYC's Death, Sex & Money podcast for her help with this episode.

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