The Pardo Patrol, Backstage at Conan


Our pal Jimmy Pardo is the opening act at the Conan show, and he's just started a new behind-the-scenes web series over at called The Pardo Patrol. This episode features the hilarious Dr. Ken Jeong and Jimmy sharing a little post-racial banter.

Andy Richter Gets a Sidekick: Jimmy Pardo!


Our pal Jimmy Pardo joins our pal Andy Richter as Andy's sidekick!

Bill Withers - Harlem



This might be my favorite Bill Withers tune of all time, and this is an awesome arrangement. Don't miss our interview with Mr. Withers from last year, and check out the awesome documentaries Soul Power and Still Bill, both of which are stream-able on Netflix.

Bill Burr's Los Angeles

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This video, made by Bill Burr with our pals from LAist, is a real gem. It's half an hour of Burr driving around and offering his committed opinions about crap in Los Angeles. Bill has such a remarkable energy - so much anger, so much passion, but a real sweetness, too. He's also funny as shit.

Elephant Larry's Treehouse: Deep Impact!

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In this episode of Elephant Larry's Treehouse, a tiny sitcom in which the members of Elephant Larry live in a treehouse but the fact that they live in a treehouse doesn't really come up very often, Geoff and Stefan argue about Stefan's planned shot-for-shot remake of Deep Impact.

Fun fact: Stefan designs our logos!

Hot Dogs!


I have received word that past TSOYA guests the Whitest Kids U Know will be returning to IFC in April. Which made me think about this sketch about Hot Dogs, which is one of my favorite comedy sketches ever. EVER.

Ira Glass and Damian Kulash on Internet

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Session 3: May the Best Band Win from Ford Foundation on Vimeo.

Two great past TSOYA guests, Ira Glass and Damian Kulash of OK Go chat about the power of INTERNET at the Ford Foundation.

Special guest appearance by a CERTAIN JUDGE.

Stern on Kimmel via HOLLYWOOD MAGIC


Howard Stern appeared on Kimmel from New York City via green screen technology. Totally amazing. Two A+ broadcasters + Hollywood magic.

Killer Mike visits The Daily Habit


Killa Kill aka Mike Bigga visits Jordan over at The Daily Habit for a live performance. And destroys.

"I'm the product of the age of narcotics which means I'm dope like the pills y'all swallow..."

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