Louie Anderson on Ferguson


It's nice to see a masterful comic like Anderson collecting laughs like this. Nothing's forced or needy, just good jokes and good reactions.

Nichols & May - Mother & Son

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Call your mother.

(Thanks to Brian Stack for this one - I'd never seen it on video. So, so funny.)

Put This On Episode 4


Over at Put This On, my men's style website, we've just released our fourth episode, on grooming. It features a trip to my barber, Jerry at Larchmont Barbershop, as well as a wet shave demonstration and some important laundry information.

Please share the video!

Jasper Redd on Lopez Tonight

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Our old friend Jasper Redd was on Lopez Tonight the other night, and he destroyed, as per usual. They don't get much better than JR.

When I'm watching Jasper, I find myself laughing at the setups nearly as much as the punchlines, though the Lopez audience wasn't quite on board to that extent. "Purchasing some Twizzlers at a local pharmacy" killed me.

Tyler the Creator - Yonkers


When FlyLo was over here, we got to talking about the LA collective Odd Future. This is the first single from Tyler the Creator's latest project. Very singular and very impressive.

Tom Scharpling's New Pornographers Video

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Our good friend Mr. Tom Scharpling, from Show Business, has created this delightful video for a little band from Canada you may have heard of. It features numerous Show Business personalities, including past Sound guests like Ted Leo, Julie Klausner, Wyatt Cenac and Todd Barry.

Enjoy it, America.

Kasper Hauser's "Pillow Talk"


MaxFun Superstars Kasper Hauser have a new comedy pilot on MSN's "The Bubble" called Pillow Talk. It's a look at the bedtime conversations between three couples who share a multi-unit building. Since this is 1998, MSN doesn't allow embeds, but you can watch the video here.

Molecular Gastronomy on The Grid


I liked this segment we did for The Grid because I got to:
A) Act dumb.
B) Use a rubber lobster.

That's sort of how I judge these things.

The actual molecular gastronomy kit seemed kind of cool, though the packets of crazy chemicals all looked exactly the same, which gave me pause.

Anyway, The Grid: Thursdays at 7:45 on IFC.

LBJ Orders Pants


This is the latest from my non-MaxFun project, Put This On.

In 1964, Lyndon Johnson needed some pants, so he called Haggar to ask for some. The call was recorded, and later became one of the most beloved White House tapes of all time. For the reason why, you'll have to watch.

Animator Tawd Dorenfeld helped us create this short.

Watch! Enjoy! Share!

Portlandia: Did You Read?


Another wonderful preview clip from Fred Armisen & Carrie Brownstein's Portlandia, which premiers January 21st on IFC. (Who I work for part time). I could not be more excited.

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