Kate Beaton, Author of Hark! A Vagrant: Interview on The Sound Of Young America

Beaton's self portrait.
Kate Beaton

Kate Beaton joins us on The Sound Of Young America to talk about her webcomic, Hark! a Vagrant. Her comic mines everything from Nancy Drew to obscure Canadian explorers for inspiration. Political figures and literary characters are re-imagined and skewered as petulant children, jaded superheroes and Victorian dude-watchers, accented by a very expressive drawing style.

We talk about building an audience online, Kate's own favorite comics and what gives her inspiration.

Her comics have recently been collected into a book, also called Hark! A Vagrant.

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Steve Wolfhard: Turtie!


I'm secretly in love with Turtie! - an adorable and endearing new cartoon series from Steve Wolfhard (creator of the beloved Cat Rackham and a loyal MaxFunCon attendee). Wolfhard is putting together a mini book of Turtie drawings that document the character's search for work. He'll be selling the mini-books this weekend at SPX.

Steve's drawings have great warmth and charm. I'm a proud owner of both his recent book "Cat Rackham Loses It!" and the print that he created to commemorate MaxFunCon 2010. (Note: You can still purchase the lovely "Warmth and Happiness Print" in the MaxFun store). You should check out more of his work here.

But mostly: Turtie!!

Jordan, Jesse, Go! Episode 182: Luna Park with David Malki!

David Malki!

David Malki!, creator of Wondermark, joins Jesse and Jordan for further discussion of music festivals, making Brita tea and more.

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