White History Month

The White History Month Trilogy


The Goosedown's latest episode, "White History Month" was originally supposed to be one episode, but we simply couldn't tackle it all in forty minutes, so we broke it up into three installments. If you haven't heard the 1st installment, it was all about White TV shows that we loved. This easily could have been two episodes by itself, and some of our selections unfortunately ended up on the cutting room floor. So here are some of our honorable mentions: Arrested Development, Portlandia, Sex In The City, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Jasper also discussed the impact that the show Seinfeld had on him as a kid and how it inspired him to do stand-up. A lot of really good stuff was omitted. Maybe we'll put together an episode with "Goosedown moments" that didn't make the cut. Look out for White History Month Parts II & III.

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