Throwing Shade #75:Rush Limbaugh, Jeremy Irons, I Don't Mean To Sound Sexist...But, with guest Chip Pope

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Chip Pope

MaxFun drive week was so fun, Erin recorded the whole episode with her mic turned the wrong direction! Sorry, everyone!
Rush Limbaugh gives up the fight against gay marriage while Jeremy Irons starts a weird one, and the trend of "I don't mean to be sexist, but." With special guest, Chip Pope!
Mel Gibson, No Name, Victoria Jackson and Yarn Tethers would all love it if you could find it in your hearts to donate  whatever you can to help keep Throwing Shade going for another year!
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Loved this episode!

You were both on fire this week. I laughed until I cried and actually had to pause the podcast since I was worried I was going to pee my pants. Love this podcast! Sorry you aren't feeling well Bryan, but keep taking those cold meds. Not giving a f:-k stuffy nose worked for you.