Wham Bam Pow Ep. 14 - Man of Steel

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Wham Bam Pow

This week, we take a look at a summer blockbuster we've all been anxiously scanning the sky for: Man of Steel! Plus, Ricky returns and faces off against Rhea in a competitive Pitch It! Conflict!

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Hi guys, great episode as usual. I particularly enjoyed this one because I am a Christian (and I'm also the guy who wrote the gay jokes comment on the World's End) and I couldn't agree more with your views. I was listening while working on my computer, and every 30 seconds I sat up and thought 'Yes, that's exactly what I thought!'

This guy Orson Scott Wells (hee-hee) is a dick. His publications are offensive, his website is creepy and by the way, his book isn't that great. He's entitled to his own opinions, but he should keep them to himself.

I also share your opinion on the Christ references in Man of Steel. First of all they are too numerous and obvious, like Rhea said. (Doubling Clark and Jesus in that church shot, yes we get it already!) And -like Cameron said- they are also completely out of place. Jesus doesn't knock down buildings, punch people in the face or snap their their necks ?? It was just the weirdest choice, and I wouldn't want those comparisons made in church. Zack Snyder spoiled my movie night, please don't ruin my church service too.

To add insult to injury we get slapped in the face with the completely respectless 9/11 references, real-life tragedy used for sensational effect in a crappy popcorn movie. Unbelievable.
I really liked Dawn of the Dead, I could sort of appreciate the dream-like quality of Sucker Punch I suppose, but I am done with Zack Snyder after this nonsense.