Our new pledge gift: Andy Daly's Mustache TV!


If you know MaximumFun.org, you know how much we love Andy Daly, the brilliant Los Angeles character comic. You may also know that we also love Andy Daly's GREATEST INVENTION: Mustache TV!

Mustache TV is the world's greatest party game. The best explanation comes from Andy himself, so here he is talking about it on TSOYA a few years ago:

In short, Mustache TV is a game kit which includes a rulebook and mustache. You put the mustache on your TV, then award yourself points according to the rulebook when the mustache falls on something -- an un-mustachioed face, the front of a car, the Queen of England, whatever. It makes anything you're watching 1000 times better, and any party 20,000 times more fun.

Of course, Andy's a big star now, and he doesn't have the time to make Mustache TV kits, so he hasn't sold them for a couple years now. No matter how many people email him begging.

But we cracked Andy's tough shell, and managed to get permission to be the exclusive distributor of Mustache TVs -- but only as a thank-you gift for our MaxFunDrive.

Between now and the end of the drive, if you donate $10 or more per month, you'll not only get our special pledge drive t-shirt, you'll also get a Mustache TV kit!

And guess what? Mustache TV is also our special existing donor thank you gift! If you were a monthly donor at $5/month or more before the drive, you'll receive a Mustache TV kit from us as our thank you for your continued support.


he didnt create mustache tv, Adam Goren of Atom and his package

the idea came from a song that was created by Atom in the nineties and was put on the album Redefining Music (2001) under (Hopeless Records)
Daly called Atom about his product

Comedian Andy Daly marketed a product called Mustache TV, just like the Atom and his Package song. Daly contacted Atom in question of his song, to which Atom replied with a picture of a mustache taped to his middle finger.

Andy Daly is a scumbag


Mustache TV is really very interesting. Its very funny.