LA: Win tickets to Cinefamily Comedy Festival...

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You may have noticed that we're sponsoring a really awesome comedy film festival in LA.

We'll be giving away tickets to some awesome movies throughout the festival, but here's two great flicks to start us off. To enter, email our intern John at with your film preference, full name, and two favorite words and definitions - one real, one fake. A pair of tickets will go to the author of our favorite real word, and our favorite fake one.

Saturday night at 10:45, there's a screening of "TV Carnage," a bizarre and amazing collection of insanity, including a main feature called "One Man Force" that promises to be a gem of disastrous cinema. As the Cinefamily folks put it: "TV Carnage barfs up its frenetic celebration of the human thought process with a magical odyssey of alternative judgment calls and creative decision making."

Above, an example of the kind of madness that will be shown in the shorts program.

At 8PM Saturday night, a screening of the documentary "Winnebago Man." Documentarian Ben Steinbauer tracks down the man in the legendary viral clip above, and finds much more than he expected - a rich, brilliant, heroic American figure. A huge hit at SXSW this year.

Congratulations to our winners, Mariel and Riley!


Incorrect Music

I was first exposed to the Hairdresser song on WFMU's "Incorrect Music" program. It was sweet and hilarious then and it retains that same vibe today. Such an earnest performance. And such an earnest jump suit!

If you haven't ever heard "Incorrect Music" btw, I think you can still get to the archived episodes

You'll get so much wonderful stuff...Irwin Chusid is The Man for outsider music. You'll be entertained and enlightened. Guaranteed! My favorite all--time song from that show is a little ditty called "Curly Toes". A real treasure.

-Bobby Rockit