The JJGO! T-Shirt Contest has come to a close!


Thanks everybody for the submissions and for lending us your talents!

Voice your opinions on which ones are your favorites, because after all: you'll be the ones wearing the winning design.

Alex Barret

Alex Cohn

Dan Henrick

Clare Geoghegan

Barry McWilliams

Colin Bridges

Chris Vendrick

Emily & Aaron

Jamie Tanner

Ian & Darcy

Nate Dovel

Vince Perea


Awesome is obvious...

Collin Bridges' hands down... c'mon guys most of the others would just get you beat up if you were wearing them (probably by children at that) Bridges captures the immediacy of the ad lib, free action nature of the show without gayness. It is the only design with inherent awesomeness that exudes from the image. I can feel it in my teeth. The others are cute and some clever and if you want to date a gay twelve year old, vote for them. I stand with awesome.


1. Alex B.
2. Vince
3. All the others

Clare Geoghegan

Clare Geoghegan is my favorite - who doesn't love robots (other than the Connors)? Second choice is Emily & Aaron's design.

Emily and Aaron's!

Need it to live! Great designs all around, though!

Emily and Aaron's!

Need it to live! Great designs all around, though!

What shirt says Max Fun to me?

That would definitely be Emily & Aaron's!

The bright colors, all the references to the show and both versions have easy to read lettering!


Some neat designs... I think

Some neat designs...
I think these would look best on a tshirt:
1 Emily & Aaron
2 Vince
3 Chris

My favorite: Emily &

My favorite:

Emily & Aaron

Have a great day

My faves are as follows: 1)

My faves are as follows:
1) Emily & Aaron
2) Clare
3) the second Vendrick one.

"Vote" count

Using science, I scientifically created a scientific poll graph based on scientifically collected polling data.

In short: Jamie's first design has the most positive support, while Ian and Darcy's is in a strong second place.

Also, science.

Jamie Tanner's first design, please

Jamie Tanner's first submission is the only one I'd actually love to wear. It just looks fantastic. Soft and cartoony and subtle, a clear representation of Jordan and Jesse without being obnoxious or explicit about just how incredible Jordan Jesse Go is. It's a serious concern -- if it's too obvious that I'm wearing a podcast t-shirt, people might want to beat me up and violently tug at and/or steal the shirt. And then I'd be walking around all bruised and shirtless and that'd probably sour my day.

Tanner's design is muted enough that it's likely only to be recognized by gentle JJGO fans, or noticed by meek people whose curiosities are piqued by cute, docile caricatures of slightly impressive looking people.

Jordan, Jesse: go for Jamie's "JJGO" design. I'll buy it.


my favorites in order

1. alex barret
2. jamie tanner
3. barry mcwilliams

my favorites in order

1. alex barret
2. jamie tanner
3. barry mcwilliams

Chris Vendrick

The red one is a lot of fun. It has my vote.

I vote for:

- Barry McWilliams
- Jamie tanner/Profiles
- Claire Geoghegan

Very impressed by all...


I'm stuck between Emily & Aaron and Dan Henrick. Leaning more towards Henrick's though.

There's some awesome stuff

There's some awesome stuff here.

1) Vince Perea
2) Jamie Tanner #1
3) Ian & Darcy #1

Ian and Darcy

Ian and Darcy's shirt is great. I love the yellow one and would like that same design on the green shirt.

I like the brighter colors on shirts because I have so many grey shirts and shirts with brown tones.

Maybe more than one can be made available?

Mega Jordan or Mini Jesse?

It takes some getting used to not seeing Jesse be twice as tall as Jordan (like they always appear in my head - and heart) but I love Emily & Aaron's too.

Yea T-Shirts!

1) Ian & Darcy: Really just the best design concept and the most eye catching. It's the kind of shirt that people will come up to you and ask, "what the hell's 'JJ GO!'?"

2) Emily & Aaron: If Jordan Jesse Go! was a company, this would be great branding and good way to advertise the program.

3) Alex Barret: As a 6' 1", 210LB former infantryman, it would amuse me ever so much to walk around in a shirt like this. It's quite a good one to wear at craft fairs.

I like a lot of these

I would gladly get more than one of these, but my favorites are:
1) Emily & Aaron
2) Jamie Tanner
3) Colin Bridges
4) Vince Perea
5) Chris Vendrick
6) Alex Barrett

Vince Perea's design is my

Vince Perea's design is my favorite of these by far. If I had to pick a second place it would be Jamie Tanner's first design.

which suits them to a tee

well I like all the illustrations

plumbing over my stomach is not a good idea altho i love the concept

jamie tanner has two stellar concept tees and i can understand them
Vince is fine but too small unless you oggle the bubble you wont get it

nothing wrong with small initials along the bottom of a tee either
Alex barrett and the japanese bunny dont seem to be Jordan and does Jesse like anime?

vince perea

vince perea

Mah Pikkzorz

I LOVE Emily/Aaron's and Clare's. MAX FUN!

I also dig on Chris Vendrick's design, but I have to disagree with everyone on Jamie Tanner's #1. The design is striking, but the overall effect is kind of a downer.

Yeah, Jamie's #1 is

Yeah, Jamie's #1 is definitely a beautful piece of work but it doesn't call out MAX FUN like those others. Even with more power-jam colors the serious faces and back to back vibe on the gents doesn't make me think of JJGO. His second one is funner though.

Amen brother! Emily/Aaron's &

Amen brother! Emily/Aaron's & Clare's both scream, "maximum fun," & isn't that what JJ Go! us all about?!

good for pros and n00bz

checkin out Emily & Aaron's, I felt like a superfan, I could guess all the references and that made me feel pro but when I pulled over an unsuspecting co-worker who's never heard the show, she said that same one was the most "maximum fun"too! crowd-pleasing, ppl! i also like the dueling robots and vendrick's #2

I want one...

Alex Baret all the way. I think it would be particularly funny/adorable for a guy to wear a shirt as cute as that...



1) Jamie Tanner (esp. the 1st one!)
2) Barry McWilliams
3) Vince Perea

Three choices

Alex Barret for the cuteness and the ladies.
Barry McWilliams for the bizarre factor.
Vince Perea for fun.
Can't we have more than one?


ian and darcy FTW

Blue Biplanes by Vincent

I'd wear the hell out of Vincent Perea's design. I especially like the incorporation of "GO!" as a dialogue bubble in this depiction of daring do... or daring DUDES!

Despite awesome entries from Chris Vendrick (1st design) Barry McWilliams, and especially Colin Bridges (is that a werewolf with a jetpack fighting a king cobra?), hands down, Vincent Wins.


I have to say I was extremely impressed by all the designs, but I have to shout out to the robots by Clare. Awesomely awesome.

Rock 'em Sock 'em

I read the first several comments and thought the world had turned upside down. But, i kept reading and saw some comments in favor of Clare's design. Thank God there are still some sensible people out there. Barry's design is also nice; it reminds me of a Sendak illustration, somehow.

Thanks for your time.

My picks

Jamie Tanner's 1st, but the colors have to change. We don't want to be all running around "like a bruise" as Sarah Vowell would say. Maybe a light blue or vibrant green.

Barry McWilliams and Emily/Aaron get my vote as well.

Also, I like the IDEA of Ian and Darcy, but I don't like having printing all the way across my shirt from top to bottom.

...just my 2 cents.

I agree, these brownish

I agree, these brownish neutral tones are hard to pull off. Also, not very gender-neutral.

Barry McWilliams all the way

No question about it.

Yellow Ian and Darcy.

Yellow Ian and Darcy.

Ian and Darcy!

So good! I'd wear it proudly!

My vote

Hands down: Ian & Darcy.
Simple and something that can be built on.

Vote for Ian & Darcy!

Vote for Ian & Darcy!

Barry's is gorgeous, as is

Barry's is gorgeous, as is Ian & Darcy's #1.

So many great ones.

First choice: Jamie Tanner (the first one, JJGO)

Second choice: Vince Perea

Third choice: Ian & Darcy (the second one, in green)

These are all so great!

So much talent on display, but If I had to chose it would be Jamie Tanner's #1 and Ian and Darcy's #1.

Fo sho: 1. Ian & Darcy 2.

Fo sho:

1. Ian & Darcy
2. Nate Dovel

When I think about a shirt non-fans will see me in

1. Jamie Tanner's #2
2. Emily and Aaron
3. Jamie Tanner's #1

Jamie Tanner's

Jamie Tanner's first one was an immediate standout to me.

Jamie Tanner's face design!

Jamie Tanner's face design!

JJGo Shit

i would like to put a strong vote it for Barry McWillias' design with Vince Perea and Jamie Tanner being a close number two