John Mulaney on Girl Scout Cookies


MaxFunPal, past Sound of Young America guest and Very Nice Guy John Mulaney made his on-camera debut on SNL this week. He killed it. I think I lost track of myself when he described the Girl Scouts as "a weird child army in tablecloth dresses."

I have my own Girl Scout cookie comments to share, but I'm saving them for the next JJGo.



i'm in love

eh...not very funny, but

eh...not very funny, but that's on par for SNL.

I saw him do this bit at UCB

I saw him do this bit at UCB Theatre in LA. It was just as awesome then. So so SO happy to see it on SNL. Keep it up, John Mulaney!

Mulaney really was great. He

Mulaney really was great. He stared that camera down and waited for it to blink.

Unfortunately in Canada we have to make due with the Girl Guides instead of the Girl Scouts, but the hustle works the same. No thin mints, which I'm assuming are great (everyone in the US I know who talks about Girl Scouts talks about them), but we have maple-flavoured cookies and at least three varieties are in the shape of a maple leaf.