World of Donks


On this week's Jordan, Jesse, Go!, a caller called in having seen a car done up in the colorful logo of a candy treat. This kind of car theming is a huge trend, particularly in the South. MaxFunster cabeh shared this great article about the movement (and about donks, an interrelated style) from Matt Besser's hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas. Fascinating stuff.


This is Delaware swag and

This is Delaware swag and this car is redone totally different. ..bow bow bow

You want donks?

My apologies for not bringing this to your attention when it first came out. This is from the Charleston (South Carolina) City Paper, the local free weekly. They devoted their entire "summer preview" issue to donks.

Scroll down for a slide show and, further down, a good quality video clip from a local donk show that includes brief interviews with some of the owners. Sadly, I didn't get to attend, but I have seen a handful of these beauties around town.

How about that..

I had no idea this was a fashion trend. A few years ago I signed up with this company that, depending on where you lived, would pay you to wrap your car, so I just assumed this was people doing that. There's maybe a dozen cars like this in my hometown as well.