Judge John Hodgman Ep. 5: The Long-Necked Custody Battle


This week, the case of the Long-Necked Custody Battle.

Best Friends Katie and Meghan went halfsies on a robotic giraffe while vacationing abroad. For years, it entertained friends in their shared college apartment. Now Meghan is headed for a PhD at Stanford, and Katie is staying home and pursuing an advanced degree in illustration. Each wants the other to have the giraffe, as comfort in challenging times. Is Jeffrey the Giraffe staying in Atlanta, or is he headed to Palo Alto. Only one man can decide.

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I totally agree with the second "someone"!

Beatniks Beware!

It seems odd that Meghan (the robotics enthusiast) would want to compel Katie (who has spurned the world of electronics) to take a robotic mechanism home. Perhaps Meghan has some ulterior motive that revolves around a mechanical deterrent to Katie's creativity? Judge Hodgman, in your efforts to adhere to "the law", could you have possibly overlooked a subversive plot by a mechanist with a hatred for the more ethereal world of art. Watch your back, Katie!

OATH? all jacked up!

I listened with deepening sadness to the giraffe episode, as the oath had been altered. "SO HELP YOU GOD, OR WHATEVER" is truly great in every way. we may have to negate the ruling, as neither of them swore correctly to whatever, or to their god. I am missing this. also, more sit/stand shenanigans, please.

This podcast is fairly

This podcast is fairly awesome. But it's sometimes hard to tell the two parties in the cases apart. It seems like it also confuses the good Judge occasionally. Why not put each party on a different channel on the audio - left and right?