Adam Carolla on the KCRW PieCast


Adam Carolla is an avowed pie-lover, and it was pure delight when he stopped by KCRW's Good Food PieCast to chat with Evan Kleiman. It's five or ten minutes of solid highlights, but I particularly enjoyed when Kleiman nudged Carolla into declaring that boysenberry is "King of Pies." Two of radio's most distinctively ridiculous, sharp and entertaining personalities clashing as you'd never have thought they might.

By the way, if you missed Adam Carolla on The Sound of Young America, it's very much worth a listen. And don't miss my and Jordan's return engagement on Carolla's show in a week or so.



Oh guys! Come on! I love you both, have listened to *every* episode of JJGo and most SOYA, and I love that y'all are so funny without being unnecessarily mean. AND you seem to have pretty great politics too - dreamy! So what the heck with the Adam Carolla support after his totally outrageous, homophobic, transphobic, hate filled crap this past week? That sort of cruelty, hate, and pure un-funniness is NOT what Max Fun is about. Please please take a stand for decency, tolerance, and humor and speak out against Carolla's most recent bs.

You guys are good people.

You guys are good people. Adam Carolla is a homophobic dickbag, and doesn't deserve your support.