Theme From Bullseye


Thanks to The Go! Team and Memphis Industries records, we have a theme song for Bullseye! It's "Huddle Formation," and I couldn't be more excited about it.

January, people! January!


Great theme

Love this theme, Bullseye is great, but I still love the old TSOYA theme too. Any chance it could be made available?



Love you.

Bring back New Sincerity!


Perfect choice!


Oh snap! This is the perfect song for the theme to a podcast.

- alice

Maybe I shouldn't admit this

Maybe I shouldn't admit this publicly, but listening to this and imagining Jesse intro-ing Bullseye over it almost brought a tear to my eye! In a good way, of course—I've been a TSOYA listener for a long time but I'm totally on board for the new name. Maybe the Go! Team just makes me emotional. Great choice, at any rate.