BULLSEYE: The Outshot, Week of January 3rd, 2012

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Jesse's pick for this week, the anthem "F--- 'Em" from Bay Area rapper .

Outshot: E-40 - F*** 'Em by Bullseye with Jesse Thorn


Is Public Radio trying to "Keep it real"?

Wow, as I was almost going to sleep listening to that Downton Abby interview, I was pleasantly surprised to hear such an NPR-ish podcast come with it talking about 40-Water. When people say public radio is stiff, white and liberal, it's a decided lack of this type of material that creates that public image. More exposure to American subcultures would make a 'Gargantic' difference in keeping what talk radio shows relevant and alive.

And pardon my hyperbolic deference to Downton Abby, I like it... not as much as Luther, but I understand Luther wasn't an Emmy winning, Producer's guild nominated show. But what do they know... I just like Luther and E-40 better. =) Keep up the good work, "Bullseye."