Donors-Only Bullseye / TSOYA Feed Is Retiring

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We're retiring the old donors-only "TSOYA on the Radio" feed for Bullseye. Since we've upgraded the audio quality of the standard Bullseye feed, and are now podcasting the show in radio (or slightly-longer-than-radio) form, it had become redundant.

If you formerly subscribed to the donors-only feed, please subscribe to the regular Bullseye feed.

The standard feed If you use iTunes, you can just click this link to go to our iTunes page, then subscribe in the iTunes software.

(If you're one of a few people who got a mini-podcast in the standard feed saying that feed had been discontinued - sorry, I accidentally posted it briefly to the regular feed instead of the donors feed. If you get the regular podcast, no need to do anything.)


donors-only feed

I commented someplace around here before this post went up, thanking you for the heads-up on the dead feed. I mentioned that I tend to keep old feeds around on the off chance that something may pop up. I said "I'm looking at you, You Look Nice Today". What happens today? YLNT POSTED A NEW EPISODE!!!! YAAAYYY!!!