MaxFunDrive - Update!

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And we're off!

So far, in the first 36 hours or so of the MaxFunDrive, we already have nearly 200 new members!! Yay!

In addition, more than 50 loyal donors upgraded their membership!

You people are the BEST!! Our goal is 1,000 new members by April 12 - so let's keep it up!!


Finally got steady job offer = finally donating

Max Fun shows helped me through some really tough times lately when underemployed, unemployed, or "self-employed pro bono" and working alone. So when I got offered a steady, long term job on the first day of the Max Fun Drive, my first thought was, "Finally I can start to repay Maximum Fun for everything." I started out with the $5/month level while I get on my feet, pay off loans, and make sure the job is going to work out and everything, but I'm definitely hoping that by the next Max Fun Drive (or even earlier!) I will be able to increase my monthly contributions. Ultimately, my goal is to spend at least 10% of my income on supporting independent media and charity. But even at $5/month, I just want to say that people weren't kidding when they said every year how good it made them feel to donate. It's worth way more to me than this, and this is the least I can do now that I'm back on the road to long-term employment with decent compensation. Here's to much more fun. Now I'm off to listen to the donor content! 2013. Immortal Power: Plug It In. --B