Accompanying Judge John Hodgman Episode 170: Monte Belmonte Python


Listener Pavek U. wrote in after listening to Episode 170, Monte Belmonte Python, in reference to our docket item at 60:11.

"Thank you, and your staff, for the hours of enjoyment your podcast provides. I took the snakes going out to dinner statement you made and fleshed it out during my workday, and came up with a small progression drawing to thank you guys."

Below is Pavek's lovely drawing, inspired by "Aubrey and Ginger Go Out to Dinner". Thanks, Pavek!

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Love the comic :)


Once, at the San Diego zoo, there was a large crowd of people outside an exhibit for a very large white and yellow snake. I was standing behind a woman with a video camera who was narrating her footage in a sing-song mom voice, saying, "Oooooh! Look at the snake! I wonder what kind of snake it is!"

Being helpful, I told her, "It's a Monty Python."

She said, "Ooooooh! It's a Monty Python!"

Someone in her family, I believe a daughter, said, "No, mom, it's not. That's a joke."

I would have loved to have seen that clip played for the whole family.

Aubrey: From Aubrey & Ginger!

Hi Pavek U.,
I would LOVE a signed copy of your cartoon to put up in our house. Ginger would love it too, as proof of my official jerkdom:) You completely made our day! You can find me, Aubrey Ralph, on Facebook. I'm actually a guy, and am a producer in public radio, so that should narrow the search.