Ep. 1. Here There Be Gerblins - Chapter One


In this, the pilot episode of The Adventure Zone, the McElroys create the characters with which they’ll build a new — and hopefully very, very lucrative — fantasy fiction franchise. Join in the campaign as Justin (Taako), Travis (Magnus) and Clint (Merle), led by Dungeon Master Griffin, take their first steps into the unknown.

Transcript available here

Episode 1 Supercut transcript available here



Who made the intro music? I love it!

Character sheet

Y'all need to put Merle's sheet up on tumblr or whatever. There is Taako and Magnus, but not Merle's yet.

audio's not playing

hey i was reccommended here by someone on reddit and your shows sounds cool but the audio player just says 0:00 and if i hit play nothing happens. Is this my fault and if so how can i fix it? I'd really love to listen to your podcast.

You have to let it buffer

You have to let it buffer first, like a youtube video.