Ep. 13. Murder on the Rockport Limited - Chapter Four


As you might have guessed from the title of the past few episodes, our heroes' journey isn't going to be an especially calm one. Because of all the murder, I mean. Taako mourns the dead. Merle finally plays his part. Magnus does one of the absolute coolest punches ever.


wow edisod 12 was a fucking

wow edisod 12 was a fucking rough listen. I had to quit before the end... but episode 13 was much better.

I'm noticed that Travis doesn't say as much stupid stuff that derails the show when there is a lot of combat... Please make sure there is some combat in every episode or put some curse on the characters that punishes constant interruptions.

I realise i sound like a killjoy but go back and listen to episode 12, try to follow the story and tell me that that wasn't a complete clusterfuck!

Magnus Punching

Should Magnus not be adding his Strength Modifier to the damage he deals when punching that Crab?


Why would you end it in the middle of a fight?!?!?!? For a podcast that only updates every 2 weeks that's just down right cruel!

Seriously though, I love this show, dnd podcasts are my thing. Are there any other dnd podcasts on the maximum fun site or do you guys hold a monopoly on that shit?