Ep. 15. Murder on the Rockport Limited - Chapter Six


In this penultimate chapter in the Rockport Limited murder fiasco, our players deduce the true culprit of the titular heinous crime. Merle runs out of magic. Taako finds more creative applications for Levitation. Magnus gets some fresh air.




This is definitely one of the top-ranking D&D Actual Play Podcasts I've listened to, and I've been searching for more of them to sate my hunger for each moment after I've finished absorbing through my ears every single second of your newest episode. So far, the people currently putting out content with Fifth Edition play just simply doesn't compare to your work.

I've titled the subject "Inspiring" because this series has made me want to pursue broadcasting the games that my friends and I play using D&D 5E. You guys serve as a model of not only storytelling but also entertainment that others should aspire to.

In short, you guys rock!

Adam G. Brooks

I got introduced to this

I got introduced to this podcast a week ago, and I've been binge-listening uncontrollably since then. Keep up the good work, guys! The heart of D&D is the interpersonal shenanigans, and y'all have hit it spot-on. Looking forward to the next one!


I hate waiting two weeks but I understand. PEOPLE- Sign up as supporters! Say it's for TAZ! Throw some money in the chapeau and we may get more Taako & friends!

cant believe i missed Max Fun Drive

Ok so TAZ is so dam good I guess I'm going to up my donation and add them to my favorite shows declaration. at the end of June, I care not for gifts or incentives.

Love the show Guys Don't let the other Listeners tell you to stick to adventure and encounters more than the Amazing role playing. You guys are professional comedians and radio personalities don't just play DnD continue elevating the game! I love the goofing off that's why I listen and will add a donation for you guys!

Remember you are in the DnD podcast game with this work now! We are, like it or not, Going to hold you up next to other DnD podcast and if we wanted a serious show Chris Perkins did one in like 2008 go get that if you hate fun and love tedium. (no hate to Perkins love his shit, it taught me to Dm better games.)

This show is teaching me to Dm games that are more fun!