Ep. 16. Murder on the Rockport Limited - Chapter Seven


In the final chapter in the Rockport Limited story arc, our heroes have little time to stop their runaway train from colliding with Neverwinter, potentially ruining some other group's D&D session. Magnus takes a tumble. Merle channels Gary Sinise. Taako does some pretty dope magical stuff.


Re-Listening to this arc

Angus's "Oh Go-Oh Gosh!" as he flies off of the train gets me every time.

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Question :
Where can I find TAZ ep 1.5?
I want my wife to get into the show so I can watch it with her but cant find the super cut of the EP. I'm sure its on ITunes but could you post it on Max fun.

I found a Tripadvisior Canada posting that lists for a place in Malaysia called "The Adventure Zone!" The posting says "A place to have your kids sweat a little"... WTF right..

Love the show I make sure to have a nice pre-rolled (non defined within this post) smokable ready before hitting play on every new TAZ.. Also the Theme song draws my mind in...BIG time. you guys keep rolling and I will keep rolling up too... peace love and donations mackle bros


So...where's Scuttlebuddy?

he went with the train into

he went with the train into Jinky's Garden and is forever lost. Never again will we hear Merle sing the sweet scuttle buddy tune.

man bro...

TAZ mann..
I love that giant intro voice..
man sometimes in my head i say things and then punctuate them with "THE ADVENTURE ZONE!!"